Ryan Taylor

Born in southern Ontario, Ryan Taylor has been chasing local fish for more than 20 years. Like many anglers, Ryan developed a passion for the sport of fly fishing while following his father around local streams and flipping over rocks to look for Caddis. Today, you'll rarely find Ryan far from the water, and there's a good chance that he's Spey fishing while throwing down epic loops right now.

Ryan’s first fly rod came to him as a birthday present, which set him on a lifelong journey of chasing trout, steelhead and other fish species on the fly. It was on a family trip to Newfoundland where Ryan first had the good fortune to fish for Atlantic salmon. The experience captured his imagination. This king of migratory fish, the time-honored traditions, epic scenery and beautiful flies all appealed to him in a way that changed everything. From that moment onward, fly fishing was “it” for Ryan. The obsession had taken hold.


Upon his return to Ontario, Ryan focused on fishing steelhead -- fall, winter, spring, it didn’t matter. He had to learn everything he could about these fish. This curiosity quickly combined with his innate artistic abilities and obsessive attention to detail before blossoming into an almost religious zeal for tying salmon flies. The color, complexity and elegance of these flies and their tying techniques called out to Ryan's creativity and artistry to create works of fly tying art. Whether developing new takes on old patterns or bold new creations, using traditional or innovative materials, Ryan believes that beauty and function are key. After all, flies simply must catch fish to be worthy.

Ryan specializes in Spey fishing while taking every opportunity he can to further hone his craft. He's constantly improving his abilities in casting, reading water and understanding the fish he's chasing. Most important to him is the experience of being in nature and sharing the experience with friends on the water.  

Passionate about conservation and growing the sport, Ryan donates flies and his time to ensure that the future of fly fishing is strong.