Adam Arnal's Flies

September 2021 - UV Scud

Hook-Scud hook sizes 16-10
Rib-small utc ultra wire-chartreuse
Thread-UTC 70-chartreuse
Tail-Natural deer hair 
Shell back-veniards UV film-Blue
Body-Ice dub-light olive
Hot spot-diamond dub-Orange
This pattern is best fished on slow sinking or clear intermediate style lines in 10 feet of water or less. 

August 2021 - Magic tinsel chironomid 

Bead-Entice brass bead-chironomid brown(3/32-7/64)
Hook- 2XL curved nymph sizes (16-10)
Thread-Textreme 8/0 rusty brown
Body- Textreme magic tinsel-Brown 1/32 
Rib 1-Sybai flat wire-wide ultrafine
Rib 2- Textreme magic tinsel- brown 1/32
Gills-white uni stretch 
Coating-Betfor UV resin


July 2021 - Hot Chocolate 

Hook-2xl curved nymph sizes 16-10
Bead-chironomid brown entice bead(sized to hook)
Gills-uni stretch-white
Rib-copper brown ultra wire -smalll
Rib-gunmetal sybai flat wire-ultrafine wide
Body-textreme 8/0 standard-brown
Collar-textreme 8/0 standard-orange
Tying tip. 
After you have formed the body taper whip finish and remove the brown thread and start the orange thread behind the bead.  Starting the orange thread before wrapping and tying off the ribs allows you to form nice neat collar and helps maintain the even taper. 
Best fished within a foot of the bottom, either under and indicator or on a naked line. 

June 2021 - Balanced Minnow

Thread-UTC 70-white
Hook-Kona BJH size 8-10
Bead-1/8 Silver tungsten 
Eyes-Wapsi stick on eyes 3/32
Balancing pin-Sequin pin
Head-Betfor low viscosity UV resin
Body (top)-leech dub-PR brown
Body(belly)-Lazor dub-silver minnow belly
Tail-White marabou
Flash-Crystal flash-opal
This pattern can be fished using a variety of presentation methods depending on the present conditions.  My favorite method to fish the balanced minnow is under a strike indicator with a slow hand twist retrieve. 

May 2021

Hook:  2xl Curved nymph- Sz 16-12
Bead: Gold(optional)
Thread: Textreme 8/0 tan
Body: MFC Mini barred marabou-yellow barred brown
Rib: Gold wire-Small
Wingcase: Pheasant tail -Tan 
Thorax: Ice dub-UV tan
Flashback: Gold mylar tinsel -medium
Be sure to tie a few up with a Gold bead sized appropriately to the hook. This will give the fly a faster sink rate.  A great pattern for both moving and stillwaters.  Floating, clear intermediate are my prefered lines for fishing this fly. 

April 2021

Hook -Nymph hook size 12-16
Eyes-Wapsi mono eyes-small
Head-ice dud-light olive
Thorax- Magic tinsle- 1/16 olive
Legs- Schlappen- Chartreuse
Body- glacier flash- Ultra violet
Rib-Ultra wire-small silver

March 2021

Hook: 2XL curved nymph size 14-18
Gills: Uni stretch- White
Bead: Black nickel
Wingcase: Textreme 8/0-Rusty Brown
Under body: UTC 70-Fluorescent green
Body: CWO Glacier flash -Ultra violet 
Ribs: Small UTC ultra wire and Gunmetal grey Glacier flash
Fished under an indicator or on a naked line.

February 2021 - Antistatic buzzer

Hook: scud size's 10-16
Thread: UTC 70- black
Body: Anti static bag or window tint
Rib: UTC 70-wine 
Wing pads: uni flex in camel
Flashback:Copper holographic tinsle-medium
Gills:White uni-strech
Being a non bead head pattern I would recommend fishing this fly 18-24 inches below a barel swivel using 6-8lb fluorocarbon. This applys to both indicator and naked line techniques.