Adam Arnal's Flies

May 2021

Hook:  2xl Curved nymph- Sz 16-12
Bead: Gold(optional)
Thread: Textreme 8/0 tan
Body: MFC Mini barred marabou-yellow barred brown
Rib: Gold wire-Small
Wingcase: Pheasant tail -Tan 
Thorax: Ice dub-UV tan
Flashback: Gold mylar tinsel -medium
Be sure to tie a few up with a Gold bead sized appropriately to the hook. This will give the fly a faster sink rate.  A great pattern for both moving and stillwaters.  Floating, clear intermediate are my prefered lines for fishing this fly. 

April 2021

Hook -Nymph hook size 12-16
Eyes-Wapsi mono eyes-small
Head-ice dud-light olive
Thorax- Magic tinsle- 1/16 olive
Legs- Schlappen- Chartreuse
Body- glacier flash- Ultra violet
Rib-Ultra wire-small silver

March 2021

Hook: 2XL curved nymph size 14-18
Gills: Uni stretch- White
Bead: Black nickel
Wingcase: Textreme 8/0-Rusty Brown
Under body: UTC 70-Fluorescent green
Body: CWO Glacier flash -Ultra violet 
Ribs: Small UTC ultra wire and Gunmetal grey Glacier flash
Fished under an indicator or on a naked line.

February 2021 - Antistatic buzzer

Hook: scud size's 10-16
Thread: UTC 70- black
Body: Anti static bag or window tint
Rib: UTC 70-wine 
Wing pads: uni flex in camel
Flashback:Copper holographic tinsle-medium
Gills:White uni-strech
Being a non bead head pattern I would recommend fishing this fly 18-24 inches below a barel swivel using 6-8lb fluorocarbon. This applys to both indicator and naked line techniques.