Rob Texmo

I started tying flies for trout in 2007, shortly after getting back from a disappointing fishing trip where my lures weren't catching anything but fly fisherman were slamming them. I decided there was something appealing to fly fishing and tying. So for the next 4 years I tied crappy trout flies that seemed to catch fish.

Once social media came about and I saw the beautiful flies of others I made it my mission to tie a nice fly that I would be proud to show. I spent hundreds of hours over the last few years learning from some of the greats out there and copious amounts of YouTube videos on tying, and then a ton of hours at the vise. Along the way I have had the priviledge of teaching others and passing along the knowledge graciously passed to me.

Fly tying is not a hobby for me but rather a passion. Over time my tying has evolved into designing my own patterns for the various species of salmon, steelhead and sea trout. You can also find my tying videos on Youtube.

Tight lines, Rob.