We'd like to introduce to you our ambassadors. At the top of their fields, these men and women are outstanding individuals and we are very proud to have them here with us.


Jerry French

 In the steelhead spey community, Jerry French is considered at the forefront of modern Northwest fly fishing for steelhead, both in terms of Skagit-style casting systems and tying of intruder type flies. Jerry is known as one of the fathers of the popular Intruder fly and continues to push the boundaries and still invents new flies as well as fine tune his style.

Jerry has also a rod he designed with Canadian rod maker, Geoff Pieroway, called the Renegade. Check out his rod, flies and much more at his website. Click HERE to see.


Kate Watson

Kate is a steelhead and trout guide, instructor, professional fly tyer, writer and steward of the land and water. She took to long lines, traditional casting and classic flies, mixing old world ways with new. Kate offers an Online Spey School teaching students the art of classic spey tying and workshops to better your spey cast.

Kate has a love for teaching and it shows in her classes. From tying flies for her worldwide customers to hosting guided trips, Kate is always one to watch. Check out Kate's site HERE.

Aggie Fritz

Aggie was born and raised in Cegled, Hungary and moved to Canada in 1999. She has been living and fishing in the lower mainland for the last 19 years. 
Her passion for fishing started at an early age while joining her Father and Grandfather on the weekend fishing trips for pike, catfish, walleye and carp in local lakes and rivers in Hungary. She now has taken her skills to the west coast and has been fishing for white sturgeon, salmon and trout and regularly takes part in local fishing competitions.
Aggie’s fishing experience has a huge range as she has been able fish in two very diverse places like Hungary and British Columbia. She has a lot of unique fishing skills including fly fishing, fly tying and gear rod use and which has led her to become a Cabela’s/Basspro shop  Pro Staff member. She has been a committed member of her fishing community by volunteering her time to fish conservation, river clean-ups and educating woman and youth about the joys and benefits of fishing.
She has participated in several lake and river style fishing competitions and loves sharing her passion with others. She is committed to communicating the benefits and joys of fishing with her community, especially to woman and youth.

Dennis Gamboa

Dennis is professional tyer. He has been commercially tying flies for over 25 years and teaching fly tying classes for over 20 years to the fishing community in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  While his creative love is tying warm water salt patterns, he also cranks out trout and salmon flies for local fly shops. 

   His local business, The Fly Box, produces over 60,000 flies a year.  He has been featured in Swing Magazine & BC Outdoors Magazine and is renowned for his original takes on current and timeless fly patterns.  Dennis shines at the bench when he is teaching his innovative commercial techniques to all level of tyers. He just signed on as Fly Designer for Aqua/Flies. He is a member of Partridge if Redditch PRO-Team that represent the West Coast of Canada, Flymen Fishing Co CFT and a PRO-Tyler for the Canadian Llama Company. 

 Make sure you follow him on social media for current and latest techniques on fly tying.