Lisa Weiner's Flies

September 2020 - Green Mahony


Hook - Daichi 2051 size 1.5
Body-1st third Green floss, the rest green seal dubbing 
Ribbing- pearl Mylar and oval gold
Hackle- black schlappen
Collar- black schlappen followed by green dyed guinea
Wing- 4 Chartreuse and black saddle hackles 
The green and black combination has worked well for me on the Salmon River in New York state for Steelhead. 
The original Mahony was designed by Dec Hogan who's tying I have always admired.


August 2020 Fly - Miramichi Cosseboom 

This is a favorite salmon pattern as I caught my first Atlantic Salmon on this pattern. 
Tag- small oval tinsel
Tail- green hackle fibers 
Rib- small oval tinsel
Body- green floss
Wing- Grey squirrel tail
Collar- yellow 


July 2020 Fly - Veterans Special 

Original design by Jenna Tucker 
Tip- fine oval gold
Tag- Red and white silk thread
Tail- Lady Amherst crest
Butt- Black Ostrich heel
Rib- medium flat gold
Body- soldier Green silk floss
Body hackle- black Chevron hackle
Throat-purple and black hen hackles 
Underwing- Lady Amherst 
Main wing- Married Red and purple turkey
Topping- Lady Amherst Crest
Shoulders- Barred woodduck and teal
Cheeks- Jungle fowl 

June 2020 Fly - Ayla's Twist

This pattern was designed by my good friend David Flint of Spencer, MA for his Granddaughter. A wonderful pattern for Brook trout on small streamer hooks
Show in the picture on a Partridge single Wilson #10
Tag- fine oval gold Lagarten tinsel 
Body- pearlescent- Veevus mini flatbread
Rib- fine oval gold 
Thorax- Senyo's Fusion Dub in Flame
Hackle- Blue Eared Pheasant tied in by the butt, wound as a collar and swept back.
Collar- shell pink saddle hackle 
Cheeks- small jungle fowl eyes


May 2020 Fly - Thunder and Lightning 

Hook- Partridge CS10/1 Bartleet traditional #2
Tip-  Lagartun fine oval gold tinsel 
Tag- golden yellow silk 
Tail- Golden pheasant Crest
Butt- Black Ostrich herl
Body-Black silk 
Rib- Lagartun small oval gold tinsel 
Body hackle- Orange Chevron hackle
Throat- Guinea dyed kingfisher blue
Wing- Dark mottled Turkey 
Topping- Golden pheasant Crest
Sides- Jungle cock
Pattern taken from Classic Salmon Fly Patterns by Michael D. Radencich.

April 2020 Fly - Rusty Rat 

This is an old favorite hair wing pattern.
The pattern is from Poul Jorgensen's book Salmon Flies Their Character, Style, and Dressing.
Red Thread 6/0
Tag: Lagartun Fine oval gold tinsel
Tail: Peacock sword fibers 
Body: Rear half yellow/gold floss, front half peacock herl
Ribbing: Lagarten small oval gold tinsel
Veiling: yellow floss over rear body to middle of the tail
Wing: Gray fox 
Hackle: Grizzly hen hackle, wound as collar after the wing is tied in.
Head: Red finished with clear Cellire 
Tying tip: use 3 strands of peacock for the front half of the body. Tie them in by the tips. Use your thread like a dubbing loop and use a hackle plier (I like a light plastic wire tester one for this) spin the hackle plier gently so you have a little rope of peacock. Wind forward. 
You can also change the color of your floss to make the other variations of this pattern. 


March 2020 Fly - 

Tied on a Veniard 1/0 TG Salmon hook.
Tag- oval silver tinsel-small
1st body section black floss
2nd body section purple ice dub
Body hackle dyed purple blue ear pheasant or Spey hackle of your choice. Tied in by the tip before the dubbing. Wound after the body rib.
Ribbing- oval silver tinsel from Lagartun 
Throat- two turns of teal.
Wings- four purple rooster hackles. 2 from each side of cape and mounted on top.
Cheeks- Small Jungle Cock
Tying tip- strip off one side of the body hackle to keep the fly sparse. 
I have had success with this pattern for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY 

February 2020 Fly - My Funny Valentine 


Brooch pin of your choice

Tip-Red medium oval tinsel from Lagarten 

Tail-Red dyed golden pheasant Crest 

Butt- white ostrich herl.

Rib-  small oval gold Lagarten tinsel

Body- red silk floss

Troat- Silver pheasant 

Wing- Red & white Nature's Spirit select goose shoulder.


This is a fun tie that I did in honor of Valentine's day. You can have lots of fun varying colors or even change the wing and make a hair wing version. 


Tying tip- I use a bobbin to wind in the silk. Normally,  I like to wrap silk by hand but it's difficult to do with the brooch pin. If you hold the bobbin at an angel and use the free hand to keep the silk from sliding it wraps much easier.