Marc Lebel's Flies

July 2021 - Threat Level Midnight 
Shank - Aqua Flies round eye 26mm
Body - pink wrap
Underwing - chartreuse and pink Krystal Flash
Wing - Arctic fox  black, ring neck pheasant Bordeaux, mallard flank hot pink and blue
Eye - Jungle cock
Thread ultra thread 140 black and pink
May 2021
Hook: Ahrex Nordic Shrimp 4
Body: UV Pink Chenile
Head: Pink Polar Bear
Claws: Pink Krystal flash
Eyes: Easy Shrimp eyes
April 2021 - Sasquatch Tears
Hook - Tiemco TMC Size 10
Thread - UTC Ultra Olive
Body - Olive seal fur dub
Tail - Olive Marabu
Head - Copper Bead
March 2021 - Salmon Alevin 
Wing: Polar bear
Predator wrap
Chinook Wind Outfitters glacier flash 
Body: Holo wrap
Eye: Fish skull living eyes 3mm
Belly: Orange UV dubbbing
Hook: #2 Swing hook
February 2021 - Prawn of the Dead (Predator GP Variant)
Hook : Alec Jackson Spey Hook Size 1.5
Thread: Ultra Thread Black 70
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes
Claws: Pink Silly Legs
Head: Black Bear Fur
Predator Wrap Pink UV
Krystal Flash Chartreuse
Body: CWO Leech Dubbing - Midnight Special
Black Chenille
Carapace: Ringneck Pheasant Rump Black
Tail: Predator Wrap
January 2021 - By Any Means Necessary 
Shank - Aqua Flies Round eye shank 26mm
Hook - Owner No Escape barbless 1/0
Thread - Ultra Thread Black 70
Egg - UV hard trout bead
Body - Olive Seal Fur Dubbing and Ripple Ice fibre minnow mix.
Krystal flash Rainbow
Under Wing: Timber Wolf tail natural 
Wing: Canadian Coyote - Light olive
Hackle: Fish hunter Spey marabou dark olive
Ringneck rump Black
Flash: Ripple ice Fiber peacock
Eyes: Jungle cock
December 2020 - Steelhead Spey
Hook: TG Salmon hook 1/0
Thread: Veevus Black 6/0
Body: UV Ice Dub Purple
Rib: Veevus Holo Tinsel
Under wing: Rainbow Krystal Flash
Wing: Arctic Fox Black
Hackle: Ringneck Pheasant Purple
Hackle: Mallard Flank Blue
Cheek: Jungle Cock
November 2020 - Blood Moon Spey
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Weight: Lead wire .035
Shank: Aqua Flies Round Eye Shank 33mm
Hook: Owner No Escape Barbless 1/0
Tail: Ripple Ice Fiber -Smolt Blue
Underwing: Krystal Flash Rainbow
Wing: arctic fox Red
Grizzly hackle Red
Hackle: CWO Leech Dub Brush Oh Canada!
Nature Spirit Fish Hunter Spey Marabou Hot Red
Golden Pheasant 
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Check out the fly in action here:
October 2020 - Egg Sucking Leech Intruder
Shank: Aqua Flies Round Eye Shank, 26mm
Hook: Owner 1/0 No Escape Barbless
Head: UV Trout Bead (Hard)
Weight: Led wrap on shank
Thread: UTC Ultra 140D
Body: Chinook Wind Outfitters Peacock Leech dubbing
Black Schlappen
Black Fish Hunter Spey Marabou
Flash: Chinook Wind Outfitters Glacier Flash Black Peacock
Tail: Black Fair Flies Fur
Check out the fly in action here:
August 2020 - Steelhead Spey Fly
Hook: TG Salmon hook 1/0
Thread: Veevus Black 6/0
Body: UV Ice Dub Blue
Rib: Veevus Holo Tinsel
Under wing: Krystal Flash
Wing: Arctic Fox Blue
Hackle: Ringneck Pheasant Black
Hackle: Mallard Flank Blue
Cheek: Jungle Cock
July 2020 Fly - "Winter is Coming” - Wolf Prawn
Hook: Alec Jackson’s Steelhead Irons Size 3
Thread:   Vevus black 6/0
Tail: Timber Wolf tail, natural
Body: Lead wire 0.035
CWO Leech Dubbing, Sherbert
Shlappen, shrimp pink
Flash: Ripple Ice Fiber Shrimp pink
Head: Chevron Hackles guinea fowl
Eyes: jungle cock, natural.
June 2020 Fly - Top Water Prawn
Hook: Alec Jackson’s Steelhead Irons size 5 (1x-short)
Thread: Veevus 6/0 Black
Body: Dyed pearl diamond braid black
Black chenille 
Chartreuse  predator wrap
Black UV Dubbing
Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes FL green
Head: Black bear (natural black)
Krystal Flash Chartreuse 
Carapace: black and green
May 2020 Fly - "Mind The Gap" Micro Tube Intruder
Hook: Patridge Nordic Tube #6
Tube: Pro Sportfisher classic
Head: Pro Sportfisher sonic disk green
Body: UV Pink Ice Dub
Fish Hunter Ringneck pheasant purple
Barred Charteuse schlappen
Chartreuse Krystal flash
April 2020 Fly - Squamish Poacher Variant
Hook: Alec Jacksons’s Steelhead Irons Size 7
Body: 0.35 lead wire wrap
UV orange dubbing
Orange Shlappen 
Head: orange bucktail 
Claws: orange Krystal flash
Orange lady Amherst 
Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes green
Carapace: orange flagging tape
Thread: 140 FL orange
March 2020 Fly - Olive Steelhead Prawn 
Hook: Alec Jackson’s Steelhead Irons Size 3
Thread: ultra thread 140 Olive green 
Eye: Easy shrimp eyes black
Body: lead wire 0.035
Dyed UV polar chenille Dark grey olive
Seal dubbing olive
Claws: olive bucktail
Rainbow Krystal flash
Carapace: ringneck rump hackle olive
February 2020 Fly - Micro Swing Bug
Thread - Veevus 8/0 black
Hook - Aqua Flies Aqua Talon Swing hook Size 6
Shank- Fish Skull Micro Shank  17mm
Tail - Fair Flies fly fur black
Body - Ice dub, UV lavender
Wing- Lady  Amherst pink
Hackle- schlappen black
Aqua flies pink intruder eyes
Jungle cock 
January Prawn Intruder



  1. Aqua flies round eye shank 26mm
  2. Aqua flies Aquatalon swing hook size 2
  3. Ultra Eyes FL. pink
  4. UTC Ultra thread 140 D FL. Pink
  5. Glacier Flash - Electric purple
  6. Silly legs - FL. Pink
  7. Ice Dub - Blue Steelie 
  8. Guinea foul - Shrimp pink
  9. Fish Hunter Spey Marabou - Black & FL. Brilliant Blue UV.
  10. Ewing Grizzly hackle - FL Blue
December 2019 Fly 
Hook: #12 Kona terrestrial nymph dry TND hook.
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 140 D, UV Pink
Body: Chinook polar chenille bubblegum 
Carapace: Pink Lazer Wrap
Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes
Claws: Pink Polar bear, Pink Krystal flash, silly legs
Tail: pink bead (weighted to keep you in the zone)
November Fly- Coho Killer
Size 8 Maruto i77LS
5/33 brass bead
Veevus 8/0 black thread
Olive seal fur dubbing
Olive marabou
Barred Scappen Chartreuse/Black
Green Krystal flash
Lead wire .035
October Fly - Hobo style tube swingers
Hobo style tube swingers
Pro sport fisher flexitibe Large 40/40
Ultra thread 140 black
Pro sport fisher sonic cone
Fairflies brush 
Grizzly hackle 
CWO glacier flash
Jungle clock eyes
Guinea feathers
September Fly - Pink Swinger
Aqua flies return eye shank 27mm
Daiichi trailer hook Size 2
Grizzly hackle
Ice dub 
Light pink marabou
Fluorescent pink marabou
FL pink UTC Ultra thread 140
August Fly - Funky Prawn
Size 6 O’shaughnessy hook
Chartreuse polar bear 
CWO glacier flash
Chartreuse mallard 
Mono shrimp eyes
Purple & pink silly legs
Pearl UV ice dub 
FL Chartreuse Ultra Thread 140
Loon UV clear fly finish 
July Fly - Steelhead Fly 
Partridge waddington shank
Aqua flies #2 swing hook
Pink UV dubbing
Predator wrap
Pink Fair flies brush
Blue marabou 
Blue mallard 
Orange grizzly hackle
 Vevus 8/0 black thread
June Fly - Simple Micro Beach Intruder
Fish Skull Micro Shank 17mm
Chartreuse Fair flies brush
Pink guinea feather 
Daiichi Intruder hook size 1
May Fly - Ice Dub Shrimp
Tiemco 200R size 4
Polar bear
CWO Minnow belly Glacier flash
Pink Krystal flash
UV FL. Pink Ice dub
Pearl Ice Dub
Aqua Flies Ultra Eyes pink 3.5mm
Vevus 6/0 white
Lead wire .035
April Fly - Salmon Fry
Polar bear
Predator wrap
Chinook Wind Outfitters glacier flash 
Holo wrap
Fish skull living eyes 3mm
Orange UV dubbbing
Size 2 swing hook
Loon UV resin
March Fly - Low and clear swing fly
Aqua flies shank
Aqua flies #2 hook
Blue Marabu
Black shlappen
FL pink dubbing 
Chinook Wind Outfitters glacier flash “grape float”
Ewing Grizzly half saddles FL pink
February Fly - Squid Swinger
-Spawn “Cala Marty” head
-Fair Flies “Sea trout light brush”
-FL pink marabou 
-FL pink Polar bear
-grizzly hackle
-Aqua Flies round eye shank 33mm
- Daiichi red octopus hook size 2
January 2019 Fly -UV Shrimp
Mustad 353S Long Curved #8
140 Ultra Thread Fl. Fire orange
Orange dyed bucktail
Orange lady Amherst centre tail
Fl. Orange polar chenille
Fl. Orange superfire dubbing 
Orange Laser wrap
Easy shrimp eyes
.035 lead wire
Loon hard head black