Irene Vucko

Irene Vucko:

A friend introduced me to fly fishing in 2016, and I immediately fell in love with the sport.  Fly fishing is a full cycle hobby for me.  It gives me an excuse to get outside in nature and go on adventures.  I get to hike forests and paddle down rivers.   It feeds my creative side while I tie beautiful flies.  I get to swing that fly and hook into fish.  Fly fishing is great exercise, meditative, artistic and exciting. 

I’ve been very fortunate in my short fishing career and have had the opportunity to fish for a  variety of species in some really amazing places;  Steelhead on the Skeena System in Northern BC and in the Great Lakes region of Southern Ontario, Golden Dorado and Peacock Bass in the Amazon Jungle, Lakers and Northern Pike in the Northwest Territories and monster Bully Trout somewhere along the Canadian Rockies.  I’ve seen Grey Wolves, Cariboo, Grizzly Bears and even Lynx while on the road.  The scenery along the way was always breathtaking. 

I look forward to learning more about the sport, the fish and improving my skills as a fly fisherwoman.  I can’t wait to hit the road again in search of fish and new adventures.  Fly fishing truly is food for my soul.