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AquaTalon Swing Hooks

Aqua Flies and Jerry French have collaborated to produce the very best swing hook on the market. AquaTalon Swing Hooks are designed for optimal fish hooking and landing. 

Return Eye Shanks

Our Return Eye Shank has a clean tapered return with no sharp edges. Ideal for any pattern using dumbbell eyes. From Aqua Flies.

Round Eye Shanks

Our Round Eye Shank is great for adding a cone or a bead to the fly. From Aqua Flies.

Intruder Eyes

Aqua Flies is now offering the same dumbbell eyes we use on our Intruders.  Packages of 20 eyes per pack.

Intruder Eyes

Watch Jerry's video on the Ultra Rigs here

Jerry French's Video

We are so proud to be one of the exclusive Canadian retailers of Jerry's fine products.

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Polar Chenille



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Ewing 1/2 Saddles

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Flybox T-15 Translucent Chenille

T-15 Chenille

Flybox Micro Straggle String

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