Due to manufacturer and stock availability limitations, we are currently placing a two per size, color or style customer limit on all stock. It is becoming even harder then ever to bring stock in as factories are threatening to close again or haven't even recovered from the first wave back in March. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but rest assured that we are doing our best to continue to bring in stock and I think this makes it fair to everyone to have a chance at all the materials.

Thank you for stopping by!  We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated brick and mortar and online store located in the Northern BC, Canada. We take great pride in our motto "Quality Made Affordable" and shop the world to find you great products at reasonable prices. I specialize in hard to find brands or items so keep watching our site to see what our latest find is!

Shipping is free for orders over $150.00 in Canada. If you are only looking for one or two items that can fit in an envelope, and are lightweight like Brill or goose feathers,  we will change the shipping so you only pay for the envelope and stamp ($3.00). Please note that spooled items such as threads cannot be sent in the envelope option. Please send me either an email requesting this option or make a note on your order and I will refund you the balance of the shipping costs.

Don't see what you want? Send me an email with your request and I'll see if it is available. We are very happy to do special orders for you! We communicate only though email, not any messenger programs like Instagram or Facebook please as those can get lost and it gets quite confusing to find and respond back to.

Stock is still a hit and miss when we do orders as there is still many factories and manufacturers that are scrambling to catch up or have limited stock, so please bear with us. We know we are out of products and are striving very hard to refill all the shelves but we cannot know when the items come as there is still a lot of backorders to contend with and a lot of companies with limited stock to sell. 

If you are in the area, please stop on in. The coffee is always on and we can rig you up with flies, Temple Fork Outfitters rods and reels, Forged Reels, fly boxes and much, much more.

Thank you for being one of our thousands of customers we service around the world. We truly value your business and your friendship!

Susan and Don

New from Chevron Hackles

Dyed Magpie

The humble Magpie is now transformed into a magnificent and colorful work of art.

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Complete Teal Skin

A hard to find skin, mostly all you get is a wing pair. This complete skin gives you oodles of feathers for multiple flies.

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Ringneck Pheasant Complete Skins

Gorgeous Ringneck skins dyed in show stopping colors. This skin will last you a very long time.

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Aqua Flies Euro Nymph Jig Hooks
Aqua Flies Euro Nymph Jig Hooks

Aqua Flies Euro Nymph Jig Hooks

Regular price $13.37

The use of competition style jig hooks is becoming more and more popular.  Many nymph patterns can be adapted to be tied on jig hooks.  With the introduction of slotted beads, whether they are brass or tungsten, the tier has more options to adding weight to the fly.  

This AquaTalon hook has a 60° leg and is barbless with a ultra sharp beak point.

Jig hooks are also less prone to snagging the bottom as they ride hook point up and generally hook the fish in the corner or upper part of the mouth.

Made In Japan. 

CWO Exclusive


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Japanese Quail

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Amherst Pheasant No. 1 Head Black and White Wood Duck Blue Jay Wing Hackles Blue Jay Wings Burnt Heron Spey Feather

Unique and Everyday Feathers

Shop some unique and hard to find feathers and skins

We are really pleased to be able to offer feathers and skins from fantastic companies like Nature's Spirit, Chevron Hackles and Veniards.

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African Goat Dubbing Dispenser Antron Bright Steelhead Dubbing Dispenser Antron Dubbing Dispenser Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing Awesome 'Possum Natural Nymph Dubbing

Featured Collection

Synthetics and Body Materials

Amazing products from a wide variety of companies.

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HOT! Dyed Hen Pheasant Rumps

A Safety Message

Using UV Glues and Ventilation

Solarez has provided this video to show you what you should be using for ventilation with all UV Resins. If your UV resin smokes while curing, YOUR TOO CLOSE TO THE FLY, BACK OFF. The vapors that are given off are pure acetone and should never come in contact with your skin or inhaled. Your curing light should be close enough only to cure the fly but never cause the resin to smoke.

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Awesome shop. Susan went well beyond what most people would expect. Their products are top quality, shipping is fast, great prices and they are very pleasant to deal with. I definitely look forward to placing my next order.

T. Jarvis

Great couple. Gave a lot of awesome advice. Take pride in the product they sell/make. 11/10 would recommend. Go above and beyond.

C. Wiley

Just wanted to let everyone know that this little shop goes above and beyond to meet and far exceed customer expectations. Susan was amazing and let me custom order all the items I wanted.  The prices were lower then anywhere I found anywhere on the Internet and everything was packed very well and shipped with tracking! Honestly with the service I had received I would have been happy if they taped everything to a moose and waited for seasonal migration to happen.  I will most certainly be buying stuff here again and again.

D. Harrison

Awesome product and Susan goes above and beyond in customer service.

B. Borland

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