CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing
CWO Leech Dubbing

CWO Leech Dubbing

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The only one of it's kind and our own exclusive blend, hand carded and cut by us.  Leech dubbing is an ultra slinky, soft dubbing that moves extremely well in the water.  It works well both in a dubbing loop or applied directly on to the thread. 

Use it on scuds, leeches and any wet fly you want to get a lot of movement with. Slightly glossy with just the right amount of bling to attract the fish. All colors are specifically tested for color change after getting wet to ensure they work!

1.5 grams per bag.

From Chinook Wind Outfitters.

Fly dressed by Deb Paskall



Chevron Hackles, new to North America and only here at Chinook Wind Outfitters!

Pheasant Shoulders

A beautiful array of colors in these Pheasant Shoulders. A soft hackle tyers dream.

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Why Chevron?

Chevron Hackles first and foremost concern is quality.  The Pheasabou and Partridge are all from prime, 1 year old birds raised wild and then all hand selected and dyed to exacting standards.

French Partridge

Not just for spey flies anymore, French Partridge is making waves with it's inclusion in the Spider, Mayfly and Mayfly Emerger patterns.

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Pro Staff Flies

For you, with love. Marc 

Go to the Pro Staff page to see all our oh so talented tyers flies with recipes so you can make them too.

Un-Real Jungle Cock

New from Aqua Flies, Un-Real Jungle Cock is now making a huge splash.  Colored on one side and white on the other side so you can color it yourself whatever color you like!!

Change the color?

Sure you can. Just get out your sharpie and go crazy!

When you want the best...

Comes in 4 sizes and is super durable. Taken from pictures of real eyes, color corrected and oh so sexy. 

Aqua Flies

Make your flies look like Jerry French's, use the Un-Real Jungle Cock.

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Strike Tails

Now in Stock

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Chironomid tyers, look no further.

Frostbite is here

Chironies anyone?

Frostbite is such a great material for those who tie stillwater patterns.  Pick yours up today!

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A Great Stillwater Favorite.

Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing

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Now in stock

BT's Super Tacky Wax


Our newest brand at CWO.

SYBAI Tackle is a professional producer of tying materials and accessories for fly fishing. The way they develop and manufacture their products is putting great emphasis on quality and continuous process of inovation.

Saltwater Ghost Hair

I brought in the Sybai Hairs for those who chase those big, toothy fish and need lightweight, water resistant fibers to make an easy to swing fly.  From Pike to Bonefish, we have you covered.

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Volume Flash Hair

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Aqua Flies Un-Real Jungle Cock Big Fly Fiber Blend with Flash Body Tubing by Fish Skull Brill UV (12mm Straggle String) Brill UV (5mm Straggle String)

Featured Collection

Synthetics and Body Materials

Amazing products from a wide variety of companies.

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Awesome shop. Susan went well beyond what most people would expect. Their products are top quality, shipping is fast, great prices and they are very pleasant to deal with. I definitely look forward to placing my next order.

T. Jarvis

Great couple. Gave a lot of awesome advice. Take pride in the product they sell/make. 11/10 would recommend. Go above and beyond.

C. Wiley

Just wanted to let everyone know that this little shop goes above and beyond to meet and far exceed customer expectations. Susan was amazing and let me custom order all the items I wanted.  The prices were lower then anywhere I found anywhere on the Internet and everything was packed very well and shipped with tracking! Honestly with the service I had received I would have been happy if they taped everything to a moose and waited for seasonal migration to happen.  I will most certainly be buying stuff here again and again.

D. Harrison

Awesome product and Susan goes above and beyond in customer service.

B. Borland

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