Gabriel Vieira

My name is Gabriel Vieira and I am 12 years old. I love nature, the outdoors and especially fishing! My passion for fishing started from the moment that I could walk. I was always trying to catch the biggest fish! Over the years my father and my brother have always taught me a lot about fishing, they are my greatest mentors. We’ve spent a lot of time fishing rivers and lakes together as a family my whole life.

When I was 7, I found my dads old fly tying box in the attic. I was curious and interested and decided to teach myself how to tie flies by reading books and watching videos on Youtube. My father surprised me and built me my own fly tying work bench and the rest is history! With dedication and a lot of hard work and time, my knowledge and experience for fly tying has grown over the years. It’s a relaxing hobby that brings me a lot of happiness! My parents have been my biggest supporters in my passion for fly tying.

Some of the flies that I like to tie are classic spey flies for steel head. I enjoy live streaming with professional fly tiers and learn great knowledge to further enhance my abilities. Fly tying has become a big part of my life and I hope one day I will become a professional fly tier. Hard work and perseverance pays off to succeed!