Frank Brassard's Flies

May 2022 Chewy Nymph

Ahrex FW541

UV Chewy Skin


Vicuña Dubbing

Textreme Powerthread 50D

March 2022 - Sex Dungeon

Ahrex 350


Palmer Chenille

3D Beads

Surflon Micro Ultra

Textreme Super Holo Long Hair

Dumbbell Eyes

Deer Belly Hair

Textreme Standard 6/0

Textreme Power Thread 100D

Gulff Minuteman

February 2022

Ahrex  PR370
Spinning Deer Hair
Gaspé Elk Hair
Textreme Long Hair Holo
3D Beads
Hen Soft Hackle
Rabbit Strip
Gulff Minuteman
Textreme Powerthread 50D

January 2022

December 2021

Ahrex FW541

Ostrich Herl

Textreme Glitter Thread Underbody

Bronze Mallard 

Gulff Ambulance Orange

Gulff Thinman 

Textreme Strandard 6/0


November 2021


Ahrex FW531


Flora & Fauna Buggy Wool

Mono Eyes

Gulff Black Magic - Burgundy


Textreme 6/0 - Black


Ahrex FW541

Firehole Stone - Pink Panther

Vicuña Dubbing - Hare's Ear 

Semperfli Micrometal 



Textreme 6/0 - White

October 2021

Deer Hair Mayfly Dun
Ahrex FW503
Deer Hair
Moose Hair
Semperfli Nano Silk
Textreme 6/0
Gulff Minuteman


September 2021 Lady Caroline

Alec Jackson Blue Spey Hook
Lagartun Tinsel
Danville Oval Tinsel
Semiseal Canadian Olive
Gaspé Heron
Bronze Mallard
Gulff Thinman
Textreme 6/0

August 2021 - Caddis Life Cycle

Ahrex FW503
Elk Hair
Grizzly Hackle
Vicuña Dubbing Custom Blend
Gulff Chartreuse
Textreme 6/0
Ahrex FW521
Peacock Sword
Moose Mane
Mallard Flank
Gulff Thinman
Textreme 8/0
Flow TH500
Semperfli Quill Sub Grean Peacock
UTC Vinyl Rib Olive
Vicuña Dubbing Custom Blend
Offset Black Bead
Textreme 6/0

July 2021

Ahrex FW555
CWO Balanced Fly Pin
CWO Leech Dub: Black Peacock, Poison Ivy, Garnet, PR Brown
Semperfli Nymph Dubbing
Firehole Stones
Flashabou 6905
Textreme Thread to match

June 2021 - The Klink and Dink

Ahrex FW503
Moose Main
Calf Body
Whiting's Cree Hackle
Semperfli Kapok Dubbing in Adams
Textreme White 8/0
Tippet ring attached with 3X tippet
Ahrex FW541
Firehole Stone
Pheasant Tail
Sabai Flat Wire in Copper
Vicuña Dubbing in Hare's Ear
UTC 70 in Wine

May 2021 - Drunk and Disorderly

Ahrex PR350
Elk Hair in Grey
Deer Hair in Rusty Brown
Mallard Flank in Black
Rabbit Crosscut in Dark Brown
Marabou in Brown and Black
Flashabou Brown, Gold Holo, Green
Palmer Chenille Medium Peacock
Living Eyes Wind
Gulff Flexman
Textreme 6/0 Black

April 2021 - Humpy

Ahrex FW503
Whiting's Cree Hackle
Spirit River X-Caddis Deer Hair
Moose Body Hair
Uni-Floss Olive
Gulff Amber Resin
Danville's Flymaster 6/0 in Rusty Brown


Marc 2021

Hanak H450BL size 12
Gold Bead
Textreme 6/0 in red
Semperfli micro metal in gold
Uni Floss in red
Goose biots in white
Peacock herl
Chevron pheasant hackle in natural