Rob Texmo's Flies

June 2022 - 
Hook: sz 6 streamer hook
Tail and back: tan cock feathers
Body: gold braid
Rib: small silver oval tinsel
Collar: dark brown hen

May 2022 - Eleta's Legacy
Hook: 1/0 salmon hook
Tag: Sybai silver flat wire
Tail: hot pink gp crest
Butt: Chinook plum purple merino wool
Rear body: Sybai pink flat wire
Front body: Chinook plum purple merino wool
Hackle: cerise dyed string hackle
Wing: white turkey
Head: white
April 2022 - Struck Match
Hook: 1/0
Tip: small silver oval tinsel
Tag: Chinook berlin wool in yellow then crimson
Body: Chinook berlin wool in black
Rib: medium silver twist
Hackle: flo flame strung hackle
Wing: bronze mallard
March 2022 - River Tigress
Hook: Ahrex HR 414 1/0
Tip: small silver oval tinsel
Tag: Pearsall's marabou silk yellow
Tail: gp crest and gp tippet veil
Butt: micro ostrich
Rib: medium silver oval tinsel
Body: Lagartun copper embossed tinsel and Chinook burnt orange berlin wool
Hackle: grey heron
Collar: dyed orange mallard flank
Wing: mottled turkey
February 2022
Hook: Blue Heron #2
Tag: Sybai purple flat wire 
Body: berlin wool in light blue, dark purple and light purple
Rib: medium silver oval twist
Hackle: kingfisher rooster saddle 
Collar: black badger
Wing: dyed fuschia bronze mallard

January 2022 - Black Eyed Susie Butterfly
Ahrex 410 hook 1/0
Tag: medium silvee holo
Tail: Chevron pheasant rump feather Royal Blue and teal lady amherst tippet over top
Butt: ostrich herl
Rib: medium silver oval twisted tinsel
Body: Chinook merino wool
Beach blue and Hends black spectra
Hackle: kingfisher blue badger
Collar: teal cock cape
Wing: Chevron pheasant shoulder feathers in Royal blue
December 2021
Hook: Ahrex 418 #1/0
Tip: small silver oval tinsel
Tag: Uni wine holographic tinsel
Rib: Lagartun copper embossed tinsel
Body: Chinook Ox Blood berlin wool
Hackle: claret strung cock hackle
Collar: teal
Wing: snowflake argus pheasant

November 2021 - Mid Autumn

Hook: Harrison Bartleet 3X long blind eye

Tip: small silver oval tinsel

Tag: red silk floss

Joint: small silver oval tinsel

Tail: dyed hot orange gp crest

Butt: small ostrich

1st part of body:

Ribs: medium silver twist tinsel and medium yellow flash tinsel

Body: root beer flash tinsel medium

Veilings: green feathers from pitta

Joint: small herl

Front body: 

Ribs: medium silver oval tinsel and medium embossed copper tinsel

Body: claret merino wool

Hackle: black chinese cock

Collar: teal

Wing: dyed brown amherst tail feather

February 2021 - Harvest Moon Blues

Hook: Ahrex HR410 size 2
Tip: small silver oval tinsel
Tag: Au Ver A Sois silk floss baby blue
Tail: silver pheasant in kingfisher blue
Rib: medium silver oval tinsel
Body: light blue seal mixed with kingfisher blue ice dub.
Collars: sunburst and dark blue hen
Wing: peacock pheasant
Head: Glo brite fire orange

January 2021 - Ginger The Red

Hook:Partridge Bomber #4
Tail: gp crest
Tip: Sybai amber flatwire
Tag: Chinook Tangerine merino wool
Rib: medium gold flat tinsel
Body: burnt orange merino wrapped loose 
Collars: Metz fire orange cock saddle and Metz fire orange grizzly hen
Wing: strands of natural tippet with dyed red tippet over.
Head: Chinook Tangerine merino wool

December 2020

Hook: Ahrex HR 410 #1
Tag: small silver oval tinsel
Ribs: small Lagartun antique gold flat braid and medium gold oval tinsel
Body: Au Ver A Sois silk floss in yellow, orange and red, wrapped together and side by side.
Hackle: Metz cock saddle in fire orange
Collar: gp breast feather natural
Wing: 2 gp breast feathers natural


November 2020 - Lipstick Warrior


Hook: Partridge M2 #2

Tag: Small Silver Oval

Tail: Cerise Goose Shoulder

Ribs: 2 Small Silver Oval and Medium Oval

Hackle: Blue Ear Pheasant

Collar: Black Hen

Wing: Bronze Mallard


October 2020 - Fall Sweater Grub

Hook: AJ 1.5
Tip: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel
Tag: golden yellow silk floss
Rib: Lagartun medium gold oval tinsel
Rear body: Chinook merino wool in red
1st hackles: blue ear pheasant and natural brown strung rooster
Front body: Chinook merino wool in claret
Cheeks: jc
Front hackles: Whiting pink cock cape and Metz natural gray hen cape

September 2020

Hook: AJ 2051 #1.5
Tip: small gold silver oval tinsel
Tag: light yellow silk floss
Tail: gp crest
Butt: sunburst ostrich or small suede chenille
Body: orange silk floss and olive brown ice dub
Hackle: tan strung hackle
Underwing: bronze mallard
Overwing: orange goose shoulder.


August 2020 Fly - Blue Plate Special 

Hook: Mustad 9002 #2
Tag: Lagartun medium silver oval tinsel
Body:ostrich herl in pink, teak blue yellow and black. (Apply head cement and let half dry on the hook before wrapping the herl.)
Hackles: kingfisher blue badger and Chevron kingfisher blue french partridge
Head: black wool.


July 2020 Fly - Highlander Spey

Hook: TG hook by Veniard
Tip: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel
Tag: light yellow silk floss
Rib: Uni medium gold embossed tinsel
Body: dark green merino wool
Hackle: forest green shlappen
Collar: chartreuse soft grizzly
Wing: florican, yellow, orange and green goose shoulder, cinnamon turkey
Cheeks: jungle cock

Green Death Spider

Hook: Daiichi 2161 #2
Tag: Lagartun medium gold tinsel
Rib: Uni opal Mirage large
Body: Chinook Leech Dubbing - Garnet
Collars: Chevron pink french partridge and Metz green grizzly hen

May 2020 Fly - MacIntosh Spider

Hook: Daiichi 2061 #1
Tag: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel and Uni medium red wire
Ribs: Lagartun medium silver oval tinsel and Uni green peacock mylar in medium
Body: Hends gleamy dubbing in red then black
Hackles: first Metz red hen, then black gp rump and then Metz red grizzly hen

April 2020 Fly - Black Cherry Sundae 

Hook: Daiichi 2051 1.5
Tag: Lagartun cerise flatbraid
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest
Rib: Lagartunm medium gold tinsel
Body: Hends black gleamy dub
Collars: Hot pink Golden Pheasant breast and Chevron hot pink French Partridge
Wing: Cerise Goose shoulder

March 2020 Fly - Mika Blue

Hook: Alec Jackson 2051 1.5
Tag: Lagartun fine oval tinsel
Tail: GP breast black
Rib: Lagartun medium gold oval tinsel
Body: Flashabou dubbing light violet
Hackle: Metz Kingfisher Blue hen grizzly
Wing: Cinnamon Turkey

February 2020 Fly - Blue Angel

Hook: 5/0 Partridge Salmon
Tip and Body: Lagartun medium silver oval tinsel
Tag: Lagartun kingfisher blue silk floss
Joints: Hends gold holo metallic dubbing
Hackles: Metz teal blue hen
Collar: dyed purple gp tippet
Wing: purple dyed goose shoulder

January Fly - Pink Po

Hook: Alec Jackson 2051 #1.5
Tag: Lagartun cerise flatbraid
Rib: Lagartun silver holo flatbraid
Body: Hends-Gunmetal metallic and silver holo dubbing
Hackle: White cock cape
Collar: Chevron french partridge dyed magenta
Wing: White and magenta goose shoulder
Head: 1/2 Glo Brite floss red and 1/2 Danvilles white thread

December Fly - Crimbo Killer

Hook: Daiichi 2051 1.5
Tag: Lagartun gold oval tinsel medium
Butt: red merino wool
Body: Hends green ice dub
Rib: Lagartun gold holo flat braid
Hackle: olive cock hackle
Collar: guinea dyed red
Underwing: silver cruatal flash
Wing: Egyptian turkey.


November Fly 


Hook: Partridge M2 #1/0
Tag: Veevus green holo medium
Ribs: Veevus medium green holo
Body: dark olive merino wool and Hends orange gleamy dub
Hackle: natural pheasant rump
Collar: Metz hen flo green
Wing: bronze mallard

 October Fly

Hook: AJ 2161 #2
Tail: gp crest dyed black
Tag: Veeevus yellow holo
Body: Lagartun chartreuse flatbraid
Collars:  Blue ear pheasant and Chevron French Partridge breast feather dyed kingfisher blue
Wing: Goose shoulder dyed chartreuse

September Fly - Tex's Pink Salmon MayFly

Hook: Daiichi 2059 #7
Tag and Rib: Lagartun large oval tinsel
Tail: amherst dyed hot pink
Body: fushia simi seal
Hackle: hot pink dyed Metz cock cape
Collars: cobalt blue dyed grizzly cock cape and Chevron french partridge dyed magenta
August Fly - Baby Shark
Hook: Partridge Salmon Single 4/0
Tags: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel and Lagartun orange silk floss
Butt: black osyrich herl
1st tail: gp crest
2nd tail: light orange and red goose shoulder
Body: red seal fur
Hackle: black cock cape
Collar: hot orange guinea
Wing: light orange goose shoulder
July Fly
Hook: Sprite S1190 #4
Tag and Rib Uni silver mylar
Tail: silver pheasant teal blue
Body: black seal fur
Hackle: Metz cock saddle in purple
Collars:black pheasant rump and Chevron pheasabou
Wing: Chevron pheasant
Summer Berry Fly 
Hook: #1 Partridge Bartleet or Alec Jackson spey
Tip: Lagartun medium silver oval tinsel
Tag: 1 strand of CWO Glacier Flash Grape Float
Tail: dyed rex gp tippet
Butt: black ostrich
Rib: Veevus cerise holo
Body: 1/2 Uni Yarn Chinese Red and 1/2 Senyos Grape
Hackle: black heron
Collar: purple schlappen
Wing: purple goose shoulder
Thread: Veevus 10/0
June Fly - Fireworks Fly
Hook:Alan Jackson #5
Tag and Rib: Lagartun medium gold oval tinsel
Body: 1/2 Veevus yellow holo and 1/2 Lagartun bright orange mini flat braid
Collars: orange pheasant rump and red hen
Cheeks: jungle cock
May Fly
Tube: cerise silver sparkle
Dub ball: 3 turns of Hareline Micro UV Polar Chenille Red
Back hackle: wine pheasant rump
Flash: cerise holo flash
Rib: Lagartun medium metallic tinsel
Body: Senyos Laser Dub Purple
Fron hackle: wine pheasant rump, kingfisher blue schlappen, purple soft bugger feather
Cheeks: jungle cock
April Fly - Porky Pig Spider
Hook: Partridge Bomber sz 6
Tag: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel
Rib: Uni Opal Mirage large
Body: 1/2 Senyo's FL Blue Laser Dub and 1/2 Senyo's Purple Laser Dub

Hackles: teal blue hen, wine gp rump, hot pink guinea
March Fly - Mac 'N Cheese
Hook: Alec Jackson spey #3 gold
Tip: Lagartun med oval tinsel
Tag: Lagartun orange silk floss
Tail: gp tippet
Rib: Lagartun med oval tinsel
Body: Hends UV Ice dub flo yellow
Wing: flo yellow badger 
Hackle: yellow hen
Collar: fire orange guinea
Thread: Veevus 10/0

February Fly

Hook: Partridge Bartleet 1/0
Tag: silver mylar tinsel medium
Rib: Lagartun medium embossed tinsel
Body: Lagartun orange flatbraid
Hackle: dyed orange blue ear pheasant
Collar: teal
Wing orange goose shoulder