Rob Texmo's Flies

February Fly Of The Month:

Hook: Partridge Bartleet 1/0
Tag: silvee mylar tinsel medium
Rib: Lagartun medium embossed tinsel
Body: Lagartun orange flatbraid
Hackle: dyed orange blue ear pheasant
Collar: teal
Wing orange goose shoulder

March Fly Of The Month: Mac N Cheese

Hook: Alec Jackson spey #3 gold
Tip: Lagartun med oval tinsel
Tag: Lagartun orange silk floss
Tail: gp tippet
Rib: Lagartun med oval tinsel
Body: Hends UV Ice dub flo yellow
Wing: flo yellow badger 
Hackle: yellow hen
Collar: fire orange guinea
Thread: Veevus 10/0
Summer Berry
Hook: #1 Partridge Bartleet or Alec Jackson spey
Tip: Lagartun medium silver oval tinsel
Tag: 1 strand of CWO Glacier Flash Grape Float
Tail: dyed rex gp tippet
Butt: black ostrich
Rib: Veevus cerise holo
Body: 1/2 Uni Yarn Chinese Red and 1/2 Senyos Grape
Hackle: black heron
Collar: purple schlappen
Wing: purple goose shoulder
Thread: Veevus 10/0
April Fly Of The Month- Porky Pig Spider

Hook: Partridge Bomber sz 6
Tag: Lagartun small silver oval tinsel
Rib: Uni Opal Mirage large
Body: 1/2 Senyo's FL Blue Laser Dub and 1/2 Senyo's Purple Laser Dub

Hackles: teal blue hen, wine gp rump, hot pink guinea
May Fly of the Month
Tube: cerise silver sparkle
Dub ball: 3 turns of Hareline Micro UV Polar Chenille Red
Back hackle: wine pheasant rump
Flash: cerise holo flash
Rib: Lagartun medium metallic tinsel
Body: Senyos Laser Dub Purple
Fron hackle: wine pheasant rump, kingfisher blue schlappen, purple soft bugger feather
Cheeks: jungle cock
June Fly Of The Month - Fireworks Fly
Hook: Alec Jackson #5
Tag and Rib: Lagartun medium gold oval tinsel
Body: 1/2 Veevus yellow holo and 1/2 Lagartun bright orange mini flat braid
Collars: orange pheasant rump and red hen
Cheeks: jc
July Fly of the Month 
Hook: Sprite S1190 #4
Tag and Rib Uni silver mylar
Tail: silver pheasant teal blue
Body: black seal fur
Hackle: Metz cock saddle in purple
Collars:black pheasant rump and Chevron pheasabou
Wing: Chevron pheasant