Derrick Chamberlain's Flies

April 2021 - Modified Dragon lake special

Scud hook of choice
Body: Utc 70 summer duck
Rib: small copper wire
Thorax: Utc 70 rusty brown
bead: Brown magic
Gills:  White uni stretch.

March 2021

Hook: scud hook of choice
Rib: small silver wire
Bead: white
Underbody: red utc. 
Overbody; watery olive. 
Blend is done to suit. More taper is built with red, the more it shows through green.


June 2020 Fly - Derrick's Popper



Hook: Kona BGH 2/0 to 6/0

Tail: big fly fibers, green

Body: Bucktail tied holo for support of Craft Fur tied holo. When tying in craft fur, less is more. Tie overs are 2/3 length of previous clump, tie in feathers top and sides, no longer than ¾ of total length of fly.

Collar: short craft fur tied in dubbing loop, palmered back. Flashaboo highlights over collar.

Head: Fly man Howitzer Baitfish Popper heads.

Eyes: Fly man living 3d Eyes. 10 MM.

Color of this fly is totally up to the individual. I use greens/Greys, as I’m trying to target pike


May 2020 Fly - Micro Zonker 


Hook. Mustad streamer 8-10  2-3xl

Tail: pine squirrel zonker strip, olive green

Crystal flash, color is open on this

Body: Green/olive Green braided tinsel. Can use a dubbed body as well if desired.

Rib: Sm silver wire.

Weight: middle 1/3 hook, .010 lead wire. This is optional

Eyes: Bead chain

Head: Palmered pine zonker, same color as tail.

April 2020 Fly - Braumers Popper


Hook: Kona BGH 2/0 to 6/0

Tail: Big fly fibers, Orange

Body: Craft Fur reverse tied, Orange/ yellow mix.

Flash: Opal mylar, Medium. Use full length, ties 2/3 length then remaining 1/3 tied back to not waste.

Collar: Peacock hearl tied to accent the back and sides of fly.

Head: Monster dub, tied reverse for first couple clumps. Final tie in I used S/F blend in green, tied in on bottom with majority of fibers coming out of the front.

Trim head smooth round shape, without cutting the forward tied fibers. When happy with head shape, the fun begins.

Tease the front tied fibers into a rough lip shape. They will be quite high.

Silicone. Apply silicone to the lip area and work through the fibers, get them into a rough shape. Silicone the head behind the eye, not crazy heavy, just enough for support of the fibers, and to cover the eyes.

When Silicone is set up, slowly ( I repeat, slowly ) trip the lip. This is the most difficult part of the fly. Take your time, do not cut to final shape until ready to fish. Test swim fly and trip lip as required to achieve results.




February 2020- Red and Olive Blended Chronie

Bead. White size appropriate for hook.

Hook. Mustad C49s
Underbody. UTC Red
Overbody UTC light olive.
Rib. Fine silver wire.
Tying instructions.
Lay smooth underbody of red. Depending on how much red you want to bleed through, build slight taper.
Whip finish at bead, tie in olive, one full pass with olive to achieve bleed through in tail then finish taper with olive.
Coat with finish of choice to make under color pop through.

 January 2020 - Balanced Vampire Leech 

Hook: Mustad 32833BP 90 deg jig hook size 10

Bead:1/8 Floro green Cyclops

Body: UV gel core fritz 5mm black

Tail: black marabou with small opal mylar highlight

August2019 - "Circus Freak"

Tail:W big fly fiber with pearl flash top.
Mid body: white big fly fiber tied straight. Collar of gun metal blue kreelex reverse tied.
Body: 4 wraps orange crystal chenille
Small clump yellow buck tail reverse tied.
Orange ep fiber reverse tied.
Collar: GMB Kreelex 
Red marabou collar
Size 8.5 fish mask and eyes