Justin Sander's Flies


February Fly Of The Month:
Blue Maroon
Hook: TMC 5263  
Size : 8-14
Tail: Maroon Marabou
Hackle : Maroon Grizzly Hackle
Body : Blue Sparkle Braid Or Micro Chenille
Bead : Blue Glass Silver Lined  
Its A Great Pattern For Tunkwa Lake and many more.  
 March Fly Of The Month:
Jack's Root Beer Leech 
Hook : Mustad C53S 
Beads : 1 Red Silver Lined Glass Bead 
               4 Brown Silver Lined Glass Bead 
Tail :    3 Dark Brown Strands Ostrich Herl 
             3 Amber Strands Ostrich Herl 
             2 Strands Of  Opal Flashabou  
Thread: Rusty Brown Utc 70 
Coating : Solarez Bone Dry 
Pattern Originally Tied By Jack Simpson