Justin Sander's Flies

 January Fly - Black Chronie

Hook : Kona BC3 Curved Nymph Caddis Czech 
Size :16-14
Bead: Fire Hole Stone  Black
Thread : UTC 70 Blue Dun
Body: Black 35% Window Tint
Ribs : X-SM. Silver & Gun Metal Blue 
Gills: White Uni-Stretch 

December Fly- Winter Blues Aykroyd

Hook Daiichi 2271
Size : 1 
Tag : Silver Oval Tinsel. (X-S)
Tail: Yellow Pheasant Crest 
Rear Hackle : Blue Rooster Saddle 
Rear Body: Blue Seals Fur
Rib : Silver Oval Tinsel (M)
Front Half Second Rib : Silver Tinsel. (M)
Front Body: Black Seals Fur
Front Hackle : Dark Teal Heron & Blue Guinea 
Wing : Teal Goose 
Thread : White GSP 
Head Coating : Solarez Black Bone Dry

 November Fly - Capp Bugger

October Fly - Flesh Bites

September Fly - Dirty Olive Viking Variant 


 February Fly - Blue Maroon

Hook: TMC 5263  
Size : 8-14
Tail: Maroon Marabou
Hackle : Maroon Grizzly Hackle
Body : Blue Sparkle Braid Or Micro Chenille
Bead : Blue Glass Silver Lined  
Its A Great Pattern For Tunkwa Lake and many more.  
March Fly - Jack's Root Beer Leech 
Hook : Mustad C53S 
Beads : 1 Red Silver Lined Glass Bead 
               4 Brown Silver Lined Glass Bead 
Tail :    3 Dark Brown Strands Ostrich Herl 
             3 Amber Strands Ostrich Herl 
             2 Strands Of  Opal Flashabou  
Thread: Rusty Brown Utc 70 
Coating : Solarez Bone Dry 
Pattern Originally Tied By Jack Simpson 


 April Fly - Summer Duck Variation 

Hook : Umpqua Tiemco Nymph TMC2457
Size : 10 -16
Rib :  UTC  Ultrawire   Red   X Small Or Small 
Over Body :  Fiery Brown Buzzer Wrap  ( Wrap Back  Over First Layer Back Down To The Mid Point Of The  Body And Back Up To Bead)
Under Body : CWO Glacier Flash  (  Berry Red ( S )
Bead : White Bead To Fit Hook Size 
Thread : UTC 70. Rusty Brown


May Fly of the Month - Name : Mink Tail Pumpkin Head

Hook: FireHole 718 Size 14 

Bead : Hot Orange 7/64
Tail : Mink Zonker
Hackle : Orange Grizzly Hackle
Body : Olive Green Rabbit Dub
Thread : Olive Brown UTC 70 
June Fly of the Month -  Red Rib Static Bag Bomber
Hook : Alec Jackson Covert Nymph 
Size : 9. [ 10 ]
Bead: Entice Chronomid Brown 1/8
 Body : StaTic Bag
Rib :  Devilish. CWO Glacier Flash 
Under Body Thread : Black UTC 70
Thorax Thread :  Rusty Brown UTC 70
Gills :  White Uni Stretch
July Fly of the Month - AGP ( Pattern & Photo to Aaron Goodis )
Hook : Ahrex  NS110 Streamer hook 
Size :  10 - 6
Tail : Pink. Saddle Hackle Fibres 
Body : Pink Edge Bright Or Pink Scud Back
Hackle : Pink Saddle Hackle 
Wing :  White Or Pink. Arctic Fox 
Flash In Wing : 2 Strands Of Pink Crystal Flash 
Thread : Pink UTC 70 
Justin Sander
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August Fly:   Steelhead Doc Spratley Variation 
Size : 2 
Hook : TMC  7999
Tag : Veevus. XS  Silver Oval Tinsel
Second Tag : Lagurton Peacock Braid
Tail : White Guinea Fowl 
Body : Black Lagurton. Floss
Rib : XS  Silver Oval Tinsel
Hackle : Black Hen 
Wing : Black Pheasant Tail
Head: Peacock Hurl
Thread : Lagurton Black 95 D  
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