Jr PRO Staff

In wanting to promote the sport of fly fishing and also fly tying, we have decided to start up a junior PRO staff membership. Jr PRO staff can be of any age, young or old. These individuals show an outstanding amount of promise in the art of fly tying and will just keep getting better with some help. Enter the mentors.  Our regular PRO staff mentor the Jr's to help them improve with the right guidance and leadership to give them the abilities and confidence they need to become leading fly designers and tyers. 


Layne Villness

I grew up gear fishing starting with Pinks and as I got a little older, my dad and grandpa started getting me into Coho and Chum. From there I took a bit of a hiatus for a few years, once I graduated it was game on again. I started getting into Steelhead as well as Coho and Chinook. I've only been heavily tying since the late fall/early winter of 2018 and starting into the classic world at the beginning of March 2020. Tying gives me a sense of being on the water while I'm at home and able to spend time with my family at the same time. Tying has become a massive part of my life as it allows me to forget about a stressful day at work or about whats going on in the world while I let the creative juices flow and create something I'm proud of.

Having my flies catch fish as well as the eyes of an avid fly angler is extremely rewarding. One thing that has really been put into perspective for me is that nothing comes without hard work. My tying wouldn't be where it is if I hadn't spent almost 20 hours a week at my vise. If you want something, do whatever you need to make that happen.