Shawn Reese's Flies

April 2021 - Nicholson Variation 8/0

Hook: Heritage blind eye 8/0
Thread: underbody- uni stretch white
Main body- veevus power thread 14/0 white , head- 140 den. Danville flymaster plus black (to attach under wing) and 14/0 veevus black.
Tag: Silver Lagartun oval tinsel- small
Tail: GP crest, Tippet strands, red macaw and teal flank
Butt: peacock herl
Body: equal parts red and black floss (first 2 segments) butted with Eurasian jay wing feather and peacock herl. 3rd section- cream and red floss butted with fuchsia hackle and peacock herl. 4th section sun yellow floss -all ribbed with small flat Lagartun tinsel.
Throat: orange and yellow hen cape and Blue eared pheasant dyed black
Underwing: JC nails and GP Sword topped with peacock herl
Main wing: red, blue, yellow turkey and Kori Bustard, GP topping over
Sides: JC nails and Teal flank
Horns: Red Macaw


February 2021 - The Copperfield 

Hook: Partridge HE2 1/0 Blind Eye
Thread: body- white 50 Denier Textreme GSP head- black 14/0 Veevus
Tag: Lagartun small oval tinsel- copper
Tail: GP crest
Butt: Brown Ostrich Herl
Body: 1/3- copper orange floss 2/3 fiery brown angora
Veils: Tan CDC
Ribs: back half-Lagartun Medium satin embossed copper front half- same with small copper oval
Hackle: Brown Heron
Collar: Gadwall Flank
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Wings: dyed Cinnamon turkey

January 2021 - The Iceman #1

Hook: Alec Jackson 2051 sz. 1.5
Tip: small oval silver tinsel
Tag: light blue floss
Tail: GP crest dyed black & kingfisher
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: med. flat silver tinsel, light blue floss at joint and shoulder, rubbed with small oval silver tinsel
Veils: kingfisher back feathers
Hackle: silver pheasant dyed KF blue
Wing: dark and Fl. Blue turkey, argus wing, amherst tail dyed Fl. Blue
Cheeks: jungle cock & kingfisher back feathers