Ryan Taylor's Flies

September 2021

Green butt spey 
Flat silver tinsel 
Green floss 
Md silver oval tinsel
Black merino wool dubbing 
Schlappen hackle from third rib 
Guinea fowl throat 
Mallard wings


August 2021

Tag oval tinsel with lemon yellow floss 
Crest with ibis sub 
Oval tinsel 
1/3 orange merino wool 
Remainder blue merino 
Blue hackle 
Under wing blue, yellow, red 
Main wing 
Turkey, golden pheasant, peacock wing, teal sides, vailed with bronze mallard.

May 2021

Hook bomber size 4 
Small oval and yellow floss 
Golden crest tail veiled with wood duck 
Merino wool 
Oval tinsel with yellow floss 
Chartreuse seals fur 
Yellow and chartreuse hackle 
Yellow, orange chartreuse swan 
Peacock, turkey, golden centre tail 
Jc side veiled with golden cheek

April 2021 

Partridge m 1.5

Xs silver oval

Golden crest vailed with golden pheasant breast.

Ostrich butt.

Md silver bailed with golden breast.

Ostrich mid with md silver.

Yellow and orange throat.

White tip under wing.

Red and orange swan.

Peacock wing melted turkey golden centre tail mallard roof.

wood duck sides with JC cheeks.


February 2021

Aqua shank
Aqua shank eyes 
Talon hook 
Pink cactus chenille
Blue schlappen 
Blue Amherst
Blue ostrich
Text stream pearl braid with md wire
Station 2 
Pink cactus chenille 
Artic fox in loop 
White Amherst 
Black schlappen

January 2021

Oct caddis 
Hr410 standard wire ahrex 
Xs tinsel tag 
Small rib 
Orange seals fur 
Pheasant rump wing 
Deer hair spun and cut

December 2020

XS Tinsel

Golden Crest and Tippet Veil

Red Merino Dubbing

Flat and Oval Tinsel

Mint Merino and Blue Merino

Black Pheasant Rump

Teal Throat

White Tip Turkey

JC for sides