Trevor Tatarczuk's Flies

January Fly - Chironomid

Hook:  Sz 13 Alec Jackson Crystal Covert Nymph 
Bead:  Brown Entice 3/32”
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch
Body:  Blended Wood Duck and Rusty Brown UTC 70
Rib:  SM Brown & XSM Black Ultra Wire
Finish Coat:  Solarez Bone Dry

 December Fly 


Hook:  Sz 14 Curved Nymph 

Bead:  Black 3/32”

Gills:  White Uni-Stretch

Body:  Blended Olive and Red UTC 70

Rib:  Gray UNI Flexx & SM Black Ultra Wire

Thorax  Rusty Brown UTC 70



November Fly 

The Killer Kromie
Hook:  Sz 14 Curved Nymph 
Bead:  Black 3/32”
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch
Body:  Gun Metal CWO Glacier Flash
Rib:  Devilish Glacier Flash & Xs Black Ultra Wire
Thread:  Rusty Brown UTC 70

October Fly - Marabou Leech

Marabou Leech
"It's hard to beat a simple marabou leech with a gold bead.  The slim profile and the way it breathes in the water makes it hard for any fish to resist.  I prefer to use two to three different colors to give a mottled effect.  The color combinations are endless.  Here's a personal favorite of mine".
Hook: Mustad Streamer Size 8 2XH/5XL
Bead:  Gold Superfly 3/16"
- Brown Nature's Spirit Premium Bugger Bou
- Tan  Nature's Spirit Premium Bugger Bou
- Burnt Orange Superfly Marabou
Thread:  Rusty Brown UTC 70

September Fly - The Swanky Scud

"A great scud imitation when your looking to have your pattern stand out in a crowd."
Hook:  Stealth C12
Thread:  UTC 70 - Olive Yellow
Body:  Squirrel Dubbing - Light Olive
Legs:  Textreme Brill UV - 141 Gold
Back:  Rainey’s 1/8” Stretch Flex - Olive
Ribbing:  Ultra Wire - Sm Gold
Antenna:  Superfly Crystal Flash - Pearl

August Fly 

Hook:  Size 14 curved nymph
Bead:  3/32 black nickel
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch
Body:  UTC 70 Blue Dun
Rib:   XS Black Ultra Wire & Sm Mirage Opal Tinsel
Thorax:  UTC 70 Rusty Brown

July Fly - Summer Chironomid

A good imitation of a small green chironomid found at a trophy Cariboo lake.


Hook:  Size 16 curved nymph
Bead:  Entice brass 5/64
Gills:  White Uni-Stretch
Body:  Yellow/Olive UTC 70
Rib:  Small Brown Ultra Wire
Thorax:  Watery Olive UTC 70

April Fly Of The Month 

Hook:  C12 Stealth Scud/Emerger 
Bead:  2.4mm Nickel 
Thread:  Black UTC 70
Tail:  Black Strung Marabou
Body:  Black/UV Silver Flybox Synergy Micro Straggle
Collar:  Black Strung Hackle

May Fly of the Month

Hook:  Stealth scud/emerger C12
Bead:  Brown magic 2.4mm
Body:  Blue Dun UTC 70
Rib:  Black Ultra wire xs
Flash:  Molten gold CWO glacier flash
Thorax:  Rusty brown UTC 70

June Fly of the Month - Marabou Damsel

Hook - Stealth D12T

Thread-Wood Duck UTC 70

Tail/body/head - Tan Nature’s Spirit Premium Bugger Bou

Rib- Small Gold Lagartun wire

Eyes - Small Black Hareline Mono Nymph Eyes
Legs - Natural Pheasant Tail