Dennis Gamboa's Flies

Chinook Candy

Tube-ProSporfisher Nano
Thread: Textreme fl.Pink
Stinger- AquaFlies #2 swinghook
Tail- Textreme pink straggle, orange rehea and red string marabou
Body:pink flat braid
Front collar- fl pink rehea ,pink marabou, pink ginuea and orange pro disk. Spikes are Amherst fibres. 
Eyes- faux JC

Brian Chan’s Ruby Eyed Leach in Black & Blue

Hook: Kona NS2 #8-12

Thread: 70 denier black

Bead: x small cone in silver or black  and blue glass 6/0 bead

Tail: Black woolly bugger marabou

Body: CWO Peacock Black leech Dubbing

Flat - Wing Jiggy

Hook: Kona BGH #6

Cone: mini cone 

Body: Aqua Fur-white & pink or chartreuse over white. 

Wing: Shore Mini Hackles 

Lateral lines / Pearl flash and Kringle flash

Eye: 2 mm

Epoxy finish


The Squamish Mudlight Jig

Thread: Textreme Monofilament 

Shank: 20 mm shank with 5/32 or 3/16 chartreuse slotted bead

Hook Trailer: Kona BGH #8-4

Tail: Bubble gum pink and Pearl flashsbou

Body: Pink edge bright

Collar 1: Pink jelly 

Collar 2: Hulk block 30

Finish: UV