Joel Hill's Flies

October 2021 - Ice Prawn

Hook, any salmon/steelhead hook. Tail, flashabou and orange crystal flash. Body CWO ice dub. Hackle hot orange schlappen tied in by the butt and wrapped counter clockwise to the front. Rib Lagartun silver medium oval wrapped clockwise over the stem of the hackle. Collar, black schlappen. Wing, golden pheasant red breast feathers tied in flat. 

June 2021

Hook, Daiichi 1530 size 4 or smaller 
Tag, gold oval tinsel 
Body, CWO black mamba leech dub
Ribs, gold oval tinsel 
Wings, orange hackle tips tied flat and apart on bare stem. 
Collar, black hen hackle. 
Head, black. 

March 2021

Hook: Mcneese #2
Body: black Berlin wool
Ribs: medium semi embossed silver flat followed by blue silk and purple silk
Hackle: Black schlappen
Throat: teal flank
Wing: Lilac grizzly hackle tips under royal blue furnace hackle tips. 
Cheeks: jungle cock

February 2021


Hook Gaelic Supreme 3/0 Dee
Tag Lagartun medium gold
Body Chinook Wind Outfitters Leech Dub in Dragonfly Blue
Ribs  Lagartun medium flat gold and silver twist 
Hackle black Spey hackle
Wing peacock herl dyed purple 
Collar white mohair 
Thread uni 8/0 black. 

January 2021 - Freestyle Spey

Hook Mcneese #2
Body, Chinook Wind Outfitters Garnet Leech dubbing 
Rib, gold embossed medium tinsel 
Hackle, grizzly shlappen counter ribbed with fine silver oval 
Collar, guinea
Wing bronze mallard