Fish Pimp Renew Line Cleaner and Tool

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Fish Pimp has made advances in line cleaning with the Renew Line Tool which allows you to clean and condition a fly line without removing it from the rod. You can clean the line as fast as you can reel it in.

A clean and well conditioned line will shoot further, pick up easier and last longer. The Renew Line Tool is made with quality plastic so it is durable and lightweight. Its open hinge is padded with soft foam so it can be attached to any rod size by sliding the tool up or down the shaft of the rod until it fits snug.

How to use:

Apply cleaning solution or line dressing to both cleaning pads. Place your rod across one hinge and lay your line across the treated cleaning pad. Slowly close the tool around the rod and line and make sure not to pinch the line in the end plates when closing. Reel in your line and you're ready to fish!



  • Cleans & conditions line while on the rod
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • For best results, clean your line after each use, letting it cure overnight to make it cast like new