Antron Bright Steelhead Dubbing Dispenser

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A dubbing dispenser is a great way to organize your tying table. Just pick out the amount of dubbing you need - e.g. by using a dubbing needle. And if you should run out of one particular colour? Just refill it by buying a single pack. In short: You can save money by using a dubbing dispenser and can be sure to always have the perfect colour at hand. 
Antron is a very famous fiber and can be used for all kind of bodies - from dry flies to Steelhead flies. The Bright Steelhead collection contains of bright and natural colors. 

12 Colors:
Chinese Red, Fluo Fire Orange, Fluo Pink, Shrimp Pink, Fluo Orange, Bright Yellow, Deep Purple, Claret, Peacock Blue, Green, Highlander Green, Fluo Yellow