Davy Wotton SLF Squirrel Dubbing Dispenser

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A very fine diameter, smooth textured SLF synthetic dubbing mixed with natural Squirrel dubbing. Can be used in all types of wet and nymph bodies and very easy to dub with. This SLF squirrel dubbing dispenser contains 12 of the most popular colors of this incredible nymph dubbing.  This blend contains natural squirrel with just the right amount of SLF to bring a little sparkle out in the material.  Use squirrel dubbing with a dubbing loop in order to get those nice picky bodies that will give life and movement to your favorite nymph patterns.

Each dispenser contains the following colors: Olive, Brown Olive, Green Olive, Bleached Ginger, Light Olive, Golden Olive, Dark Olive, Black, Burnt Orange, Black, Rusty Brown, Dark Brown, and Natural Gray.  Pack: 12 color dispenser.