Zach Copland's Flies

November Fly - Crazy Charlie

Hook: Daiichi 2546 Size 6
Eyes: Bead Chain Hot Pink Medium
Thread: Danville 140 Shrimp Pink
Body: UTC Opal Tinsel Large, D Rib Clear Medium
Wing: Hot Pink Krystal Flash, Coyote Body Fur Natural

October Fly - Black and Blue Tube:

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Nano Tube Clear
Thread: Danville 140 Black
Tag: Lagartun Flat Braid Chartreuse
Tail: Black Rabbit Strip
Shoulder: Kingfisher Blue Ice Dub, Kingfisher Blue Arctic Fox
Flank Flash: CWO Glacier Flash Azure Blue
Wing: MFC Barred Ostrich Black/Blue
Collar: Nature’s Spirit Blood Quill Marabou Black
Pro Sportfisher Gen 3 Jungle Cock Small
Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Blue Metallic Medium

September  Fly- Roe Fly 

Hook: Mustad SL53 Single Salmon
Thread: 70 Danville Red
Tail: Red Saddle Hackle
Body: Crystal Chenille Red
Wing: Pearl Krystal Flash, Tented Mallard Flank


August Fly- Parr Fry Variant

Hook: Ahrex NS156 size 4
Thread: 140 Danville White
Body: Pearl Metallic Braid Medium
Throat: Red Marabou
Wing: Grizzly Zonker, Pearl Flashabou
Head: 3/16” Silver Holo Eyes, Solarez Thin

February Fly OfOThe Month: California Coachman:

Hook: Partridge Heavy Salmon Size 2

Thread: Vevus 10/0 Black

Butt: Lagartun Metallic Tinsel Gold, Golden Pheasant Tippet

Body: Peacock Herl, Danville's 4-Strand Floss Yellow, Peacock Herl

Collar: Saddle Hackle Brown

Wing: Goose Shoulder White

Cheeks: Jungle Cock Eye

Head: Solarez Bone Dry

Diawl Bach:

Hook: Mustad 3906 or Mustad 3399 Size 8-16
Thread: 70 Danville’s Black
Tail: Hackle Fibres
Body: Peacock Herl, Ultra Wire Rib Small, Holo Tinsel Rib Small
Throat: Webby Hackle Fibres
Cheeks: Holo Tinsel Medium, Jungle Cock


Hook: Mustad 3906 Size 8
Thread: 8/0 Uni Black
Tail: Goose Shoulder
Body: Small French Oval Tinsel Silver, Large Mylar Tinsel Silver
Hackle: Black Saddle Hackle
Wing: Peacock Sword, Goose Shoulder
Head: Solarez Bone Dry

March Fly Of The Month: Electric Spey

Hook: Alec Jackson Size 3
Thread: Danville’s 70 Black
Tag: Ultra Wire Blue, Black Holo Tinsel, Purple Hackle Tip, Silver Dr. Blue Ostrich Herl
Body: Danville’s 4 Strand Floss Black, Pearl Tinsel Large, French Oval Tinsel Silver Medium, Blue and Fl. Pink Ultra Wire
Hackle: Heron or substitute
Collar: Hot Pink Guinea
Wing: Silver Dr. Blue Goose Shoulder
Head: Solarez Bone Dry

April Fly Of The Month -CO Chironomid

Hook: Ahrex FW541 Size 10-14 w/ 1/8” or 7/64” White Bead
Thread: UTC70 Burnt Orange, Uni Stretch Black
Body: Gunmetal Flashabou, Superfly Stillwater Solutions Midge Stretch Floss Chaoborus
Green, Silver Mylar Small
Resin: Solarez Bone Dry

May Fly Of The Month - Purple Pheasant Tail Jig

Thread: Danville’s 70 Den. Purple
Hook: Ahrex FW551 Mini Jig size 10
Bead: 1/8” Entice Metallic Purple Slotted Tungsten Bead
Tail: Pheasant Tail Purple
Body: Pheasant Tail Purple w/ Small Wine Ultra Wire Rib
Thorax: Lavender Ice Dub

June Fly of the Month - Mallard and Silver

Hook: Mustad L87 size 8
Bead: 7/64” Nickel
Thread: UTC 70 Red
Tail: Mallard Flank Natural
Body: Silver Mylar w/ Small Silver Oval Tinsel
Wing: Mallard Flank Natural
Collar: UTC 70 Red

July Fly of the Month - Sparkle Hare's Ear

Hook: size 12 Nymph w/ 7/64” Gold Bead
Thread: Black 8/0 Veevus
Tail: Bleached Pheasant Tail
Body: Natural Hare’s Ear Dubbing w/ Small Gold Wire Rib
Thorax: Natural Hare’s Ear Dubbing 
Wing Case: Bleached Pheasant Tail coated with Solarez Topaz Sparkle UV Resin