Wayne Noble's Flies

July 2020 Fly - The Orange Crusher Pike Fly

The Great thing about Pike fishing is the hard grab.  Presentation and Style can be throttled back as these aggressive fish love big colourful Flys.
Fished with a short 4 foot, 20 lbs leader. Always best to add a a toothy critters wire leader to avoid leader breaks. Their massive sharp teeth cut like a samurai sword.
Thread:  8/0 Uni Thread. Fire Orange.
Hook:  Gamakatsu SL11-3H #1
Tail:   Magnum Rabbit Strip. Hot Orange 
Tail Flash:  Krystal Flash. Hot Orange 
Body Wrap: Schlappen. Hot Orange. 
Front Flash: Krystal Flash. Hot Orange 
Hackle: Schlappen. Black.
Wip finish and cement. 

June 2020 Fly - The Guarantee

Hook: TMC 3769 #10 or #8
Thread: 8/0 Uni Black
Underbody: 8 wraps .020 lead wire
But: 8/0 Uni Fire Orange. Built up
Rib: Copper wire. Medium 
Body: Peacock Herl. 3 strands
Hackle: CWO Chevron Hackle, Kingfisher Blue.
This pattern was first discovered by a local fly tyer near Merritt.  Ive been a big fan of "The Gaurantee"
This pattern is lights out used at depth on a sinking line.  Most success on a medium fast retrieve.  
Easy pattern to tie. Try different options. Also productive with CWO Green Chevron Hackle. 


May 2020 Fly- Synthetic Coho Minnow Fly

Hook -  Mustad size 6 streamer

Bead -  5/32 CWO Hot Tungsten 

Tail -    Blend of Rainbow Krystal Flash and Rootbeer Midge Flash.
Under Body wrap.   Steelhead blue holographic Straggle.
Over body wrap. Small pearl chenille.
Whip finish 3x then head cement. 
Great Coho and Cutthroat fly pattern.   
I use a short 4 foot leader with a 8 foot sink tip to get into the zone.  
Cast and repeat


April 2020 Fly - Dr. Feelgood Cutthroat Fly 

Hook: Mustad 9671 Size #8.
Bead: 5/32 Gold, brass bead.
Thread: Veevus 10/0 White.
Tail: Rabbit, Yellow/Black Barred.
Flash: CWO Glacier Flash, Sunshine. 
Body: Ice Dub, Midnight Fire.
Collar: CWO Leech Dub, Dragonfly Green.
*Option to wrap hook shank with 0.20 lead wire for deeper action.
A stainless hook can be substituted for Salt Water use. 
This fly has great action with slight twitching on your retrieve.  
Keep it moving, try different depths.


March 2020 Fly- Mini Micro Leech, Various Colors

Hook: Kona BSN #12 Standard Nymph.
Thread: 8/0 Black or Red.
Under Body: .20 lead wire. 
Body: Chinook Wind Outfitters Leech Dubbing.
1. Kodiak 
2. Police Car 
3. Oh Canada
4. Dragonfly Green.
Very simple pattern to tie. Very effective fly.
Use Conservative amounts of dubbing to keep the profile slim which also aids in great movement when retrieving. 
Use this Leech pattern in shoal areas of your favorite lake.  I prefer to fish in shallower waters, four to six feet letting your line sink close to the bottom then retrieve using your go to methods.
All these great tying materials are available  @chinookwindoutfitters 

February 2020  Fly- Sakinaw Lake Stickleback 

Hook: Mustad R75-79580 Size 2. Streamer.
Thread: Uni Thread, Fl. Red 8/0
Tail: Rainbow Krystal Flash - 20 strands.
Under Body:  Olive/Gold Holograhic Straggle.
Over Body: Small Pearl Chenille.
Eyes: 5mm Orange stick on. 
Head: UV Finish.
Big Cutthroat require big flies. Fished on a full sink type 6 fly line.  Try fast short and long slow retrieves to mimic an injured Minnow.
This fly has been very productive. Size 4 and Size 6 hooks can also be used to add variety to your fly box. 

January 2020 Fly - The Feature Presentation Intruder

Hook: Gamakatsu #2 Octopus 
Thread: UTC 70
Shank: 33mm Aqua Flies Round Eye Shank
Intruder Wire: Senyos THW54
Rear Collar: Brown Simi Seal Dubbing 
Rear Hackle: Dark Olive Long Schapplen, 3 wraps.
Rear Wing: Senyos Black/Red Predator Wrap.
Mid: Hackle: Dark Olive Long Schapplen, 3 wraps.
Mid Wing: Senyos Black/Red Predator Wrap.
Front Wing: Senyos Black/Red Predator Wrap.
Front Wing: Dark Olive Long Schapplen, 3 wraps. 
Bead: 7/32 Brass 
Another productive Bull Trout Fly, can also be used for Big Browns.

December Fly- Bugger Of All Buggers- BOAB

This pattern is one of my favorite go-to Bull Trout patterns. Bull trout cant resist the colour and movements of the BOAB. 
HOOK: Mustad 34007-SS Size 4.
HEAD: Large Gold cone head bead.
Wrap, 10 wraps .020 lead wire on shank, push up tight against bead.
TAIL: Olive Grizzly Marabou, 4 clumps. 
BODY, 1st wrap: Schlappen, Dark Olive           Grizzly. 3 wraps 
BODY, 2nd wrap. Pearl Mirror Wrap. 
   3 wraps.
BODY, 3rd wrap: Schapplen, Olive.
   3 wraps.
Whip finish, head cement  and Cast.

November Fly- Monster Mash!


*3/8 Oz Gamakatsu Jig.
*Thread:  UTC 140 Ultra Thread.
*Tail: Green/Black Tiger Barred Magnum  Strips. Rabbit.
*Butt: Senyo's Lazer Dub, Chartreuse.
*Body 1st Wrap: Pearl Mirror Wrap.
*Flash: Glacier Flash, Dandelions 
*Body 2nd Wrap: Spey Marabou, Fl. Lime
*Flash: Glacier Flash, Dandelions 
*Body 3rd Wrap. Pearl Mirror Wrap.
*Body 4th Wrap: Spey Marabou, Fl. Lime.
Wip finish and Head cement. 
All materials available at; 
I know it's no a "traditional fly pattern".
It does have feathers and fly tying materials. This pattern as a "Heavy Weight".
Fishing this Jig requires casting and retrieving in deep pockets to entice anaggressive Coho or Chum Salmon Hit! 

October Fly - The River Leech

1. Thread, Black 8/0 Uni.
2. Hook. Mustard 34007SS. Size 6.
3. Underbody. .020 fine lead. 10 wraps 
4. Tail, Light Olive Fine  Barred Marabou.          4 wraps around rear of hook. 
5. 1st Body wrap. Senyos Barred Predator      Wrap. Black and Red. 4 wraps 
6. 2nd Body wrap. Light Olive Fine Barred Marabou. 
This Fly can also be tied with Peach Fine Barred Marabou.  
This fly is great for Bull Trout and Coho.
Usually fish this fly on a Floating Line with a 4 foot section of T8 on a 6 foot leader. 

September  Fly- Minnow

Have had great success fishing for Big Cutthroat, Lakers and Big Rainbow Trout in Larger Lakes.  
This fly has endless possibilities to catch your favorite Trout or even Salmon. 
Mostly fished on a type 6 sink line, short 4 foot leader down very deep. 
Hook.  Size 2 Gamakatsu Octopus 
Trailer Wire. Senyos Standard Trailer Wire.
Shank. 25 mm. OPST Shank.
Thread. Body 8/0 White.
Body. Lagartun Silver French Tinsel.
1st,  Wing. 6 strands. CWO Glacier Flash - Glacier Ice.
2nd, Wing. 6 strands. CWO Polar Bear - Dark Grey. 
Lateral Scale, Pearl. 2 strands.
3rd, Wing. 6 strands. CWO Krinkle Mirror Flash - Blue.
4th, Wing. 6 strands. CWO Polar Bear - Green.
Beard. 10 strands. White Polar Bear
Collar. Arizona Simi Seal, Red. Dubbing loop.
Head. Fish Skull #5 Fish Mask.
Eyes. 3/16 Stick On Eyes. Red/Black.
Thread. Final Head wrap. 8/0 Red
Glue, Zap-A-Gap.


August Fly- Tickled Pink Shrimp

1. Hook, Mustad Size 4 Salmon 3XL
or equivalent Stainless hook for  the Saltwater.
2. 10 wraps of lead wire on hook shank for added weight.
3. Thread, Ultra thread 210 Pink.
4.  FL. Orange Lighting Dub, built up in small ball at rear bend in hook. Helps aid in flaring the following materials.
5. White Polar Bear, about 10/15 strands extending 1" to 1.5" at end of hook.
6. Pink Polar Bear, about 6/10 strands extending 1" at end of hook.
7. Midge Flash,  Pearl. 6 strands extending       2" at end of hook.
8. Saltwater Krystal Flash, Red. 4 strands extending 2" at end of hook.
9. Shrimp Eyes, Hot Pink.
10. Tie in Med Silver wire, used to wrap Fl. Pink Edge Bright.
11. The tricky step. Cut a piece of Edge Bright to a slight taper and round one end. This piece is roughly 2" long. At the round end pierce a small hole about 1/2" from end. The med silver wire should be inserted into this hole.
12. Mirror Wrap, Pink. Tie in wrap in to eye of hook. Cut long pieces on a slight taper.
13. Position Edge Bright and wrap silver wire from hook bend to eye of hook.
14. Zap A Gap, and done.


February Fly - Symphony Of Fire Intruder

Hook: Gamakatsu size 1/0
Shank:  35 mm 
Thread:  UTC 70 Purple
Loop:  30 lbs Braided Fire Line
Butt:  Ice Dub - Red
1st Rear Hackle: Schlappen - Black
2nd Rear Hackle:  Aqua Veil Chenille -Peanut Brittle
Tail: Rhea - Blue
Flash:  Flashabou - Holographic Purple
Body: Aqua Veil Chenille -Peanut Brittle
1st Collar:   Ice Dub - Red
2nd Collar:  Schlappen - Black   
Last Collar:   Rhea - Blue  
Head:  UTC 70 Purple - UV Finish
March Fly Of The Month: Sculpzilla Intruder

Shank – 51mm Steelhead Shank.

Bead – 10mm Trout Bead, moulted.

Trailer Hook – Size 1 Gamakatsu Octopus.

Intruder Line – 30lb Power Pro Braided.

Thread – UTC Ultra Green 140

Rear Shoulder Prop:

  1.Senyo’s Laser Dub (Sculpin Green)

  2.Olive Schlappen

First Body Wrap – Fair Fly Brush (Sculpinow Med Olive)

Composite Loop – Senyo’s Fusion Dub (Emerald)

LadyAmhurst – Green

…whip finish!





…and release!

This fly has always been productive for both Steelhead and Big Bull Trout.
Its a big fly which is usually fished on a 7 weight Switch or Spey. Short leader on a med sink tip.
April Fly of the Month -    The Feature Presentation 

Hook:Mustad R74-9672 Size 8 4XL
Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 green.
UnderBody: Lead wrap. Medium 10 wraps.
Body: Hook&Hackle Crystal Chenille, copper small.
Over-body: Wolly Bugger Grizzly hackle, orange.
Tail: Barred Marabou, rust brown.
Head: Entice brass bead, 1/8th, Copper.
Great pattern for Cutthroat, Rainbow or Bulls. 
Can be use on a floating line or type 3 depending on your waters.
Coastal Cutthroat beach and lake fishing will never be the same. Pairs well with Popcorn. 
May Fly of the Month - The Muppet Nymph
Hook:  Hends size 8 or 10.
Bead:  5/32 Brass.
Hook wrap:  .020 Lead wire. 8 wraps.
Thread:  Veevus 10/0 D12 Olive
Rib:  Uni-French Med. Oval Gold 
Body Dubbing:  Hares Ear Olive 
Legs:  Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers.
Shell Back:  Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers 
This fly can be fished in a variety of waters.
Have had great success fishing West Coast Rivers and Creeks for Browns, Bows and Cutthroat. 6x tippett for a stealthy presentation.  Also experiment with indicators to control your depth. 
June Fly of the Month -SinkPink Minnow 

Hook: Size 8 4X Long. Trying using size 10 or size 6 for variety, using bead size to match.
Bead: Hot Pink 7/64. 
Thread: Hot Pink Ultra, 140.
Body: Fluorescent Pink Palmer Chenille, Small.
Wing: 4/6 Strands Rainbow or White Crystal Flash.
Over Wing: 6/8 Strands Pink Polar Bear.
Eye: Built up thread, Stick on eye finished with UV Resin until hard.
Pinch Barb, Cast, Land, and Release! 
This fly has successfully caught Cutthroat along the BC Coast and a favorite lake. Orginally designed for Pink Salmon used up various Arms and Inlets this fly has turned out to be a versatile pattern to keep in your fly box. Definitely experiment with variations of colour and sizes.  The fly tyer knows no limits to creating cool new designs.
July Fly of the Month - CT Minnow
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black.
Hook: Size 8 or 10, 3XL Streamer.
Body: Silver Chenile X- small or small.
Wing 1: Krystal Flash, 6 strands Light Blue.
Wing 2: Polar Bear, 6 strands Light Blue
Wing 3: Polar Bear, 6 strands Green.
Head: Built up black 8/0 thread.
Eyes: 4mm Real Eyez finished with UV finish.
* beads are also an option 
This pattern has been tied by many fly anglers, another great reason to showcase this productive fly.
I've use sink tips along with an intermediate line.  Use a variety of stripping speeds. 
Mainly used for Searun Cutthroat along our local shores and inlets and my favorite Sunshine Coast lake, it's a very versatile pattern and can be tied with different materials of all colours.