Wayne Noble's Flies


February Fly Of The MonthM Symphony of Fire Intruder
Hook:                     Gamakatsu size 1/0
Shank:                     35 mm 
Thread:                    UTC 70 Purple
Loop:                        30 lbs Braided Fire Line
Butt:                          Ice Dub - Red
1st Rear Hackle:     Schlappen - Black
2nd Rear Hackle:    Aqua Veil Chenille -Peanut Brittle
Tail:                           Rhea - Blue
Flash:                        Flashabou - Holographic Purple
Body:                         Aqua Veil Chenille -Peanut Brittle
1st Collar:                 Ice Dub - Red
2nd Collar:                Schlappen - Black   
Last Collar:               Rhea - Blue  
Head:                        UTC 70 Purple - UV Finish 
March Fly Of The Month: Sculpzilla Intruder 

Shank – 51mm Steelhead Shank.

Bead – 10mm Trout Bead, moulted.

Trailer Hook – Size 1 Gamakatsu Octopus.

Intruder Line – 30lb Power Pro Braided.

Thread – UTC Ultra Green 140

Rear Shoulder Prop;

        1.Senyo’s Laser Dub (Sculpin Green)

        2.Olive Schlappen

First Body Wrap – Fair Fly Brush (Sculpinow Med Olive)

Composite Loop – Senyo’s Fusion Dub (Emerald)

LadyAmhurst – Green

…whip finish!





…and release!

This fly has always been productive for both Steelhead and Big Bull Trout.
Its a big fly which is usually fished on a 7 weight Switch or Spey. Short leader on a med sink tip.
April Fly of the Month -    The Feature Presentation 

Hook:Mustad R74-9672 Size 8 4XL
Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 green.
UnderBody: Lead wrap. Medium 10 wraps.
Body: Hook&Hackle Crystal Chenille, copper small.
Over-body: Wolly Bugger Grizzly hackle, orange.
Tail: Barred Marabou, rust brown.
Head: Entice brass bead, 1/8th, Copper.
Great pattern for Cutthroat, Rainbow or Bulls. 
Can be use on a floating line or type 3 depending on your waters.
Coastal Cutthroat beach and lake fishing will never be the same. Pairs well with Popcorn.