Wayne Noble

Wayne Noble lives in Coquitlam British Columbia. Growing up and living in Coquitlam made for great opportunities to wet my line.
As kids we could cover many miles on our bikes finding lakes and rivers to hone our angling skills. Often there would be an army of bikes buzzing towards our local waters with fishing rods and tackle boxes in hand.
The local small lakes produced Rainbow Trout, Catfish and the odd Frog. Each year when the month of May rolled around every kid in the neighbourhood would get ready with great anticipation for the annual Como Lake fishing derby and pancake breakfast. The derby was a great way to bring community together and help mentor young anglers learn the skills and knowledge of fishing.
As kids we had many mentors to help us learn and develop the respect for our fishing resources. My Dad and many of his friends played an important part in our lives, patiently teaching knots, techniques, and safe handling of our catch.
Fly fishing was introduced to me in 1985 on a trip to Fountain Lake in the early Spring. I remember the Eagle Claw 6 weight glass rod and the amount of effort required to cast this relic. Within a few hours my friend Al and his father had us casting the fly at a respectable distance with a few Rainbow to fry up for dinner that evening.
Eventually our new-found sport of fly fishing really took off with our group of friends and developed into a love and passion for improving our skills and protecting our new-found resource.
We soon discovered fly tying and were convinced we would save hundreds of dollars tying our own flies. (insert a big bellowing laugh here)
My best friend Brad introduced me to fly tying in his fishing cave at his family home.
We experimented most nights with still water patterns, mostly leeches chironomids, and gomphus patterns. More often than not these Alien inspired patterns were productive although in need of much improvement.
Many more adventures were discovered from the love of fishing and the outdoors.
Road trips to the Cariboo Chilcotin area of our beautiful province were very common, fly fishing for Big Rainbow in pristine waters. These trips just solidified the love of fly fishing.
Wayne has a few favorites places to fly fish in BC. Trips to the Cowichan Valley produce great reel screaming memories with the ever anticipated fights from Big Browns, Bright Coho, and Powerful Vancouver Island Steelhead.
BC Interior Lakes are one of my favorites destinations to cast a fly from ,my 10 foot Spratley, D C of W. Fly Fishing both Spring and Fall.
Wayne also spends time on the Sunshine Coast chasing Cutthroat and Bows and up the Squamish Valley catching and releasing the river monsters.
Most importantly is the conservation of our resources, teaching new anglers the importance of sustainability and the respect for our rivers, lakes and Oceans.

Wayne can be found on Instagram @quickstrikeflies