Layne Villness' Flies

October 2020 

Tip: Lagartun small oval gold tinsel 
Tag: Light pink Danvilles floss 
Tail: 2 Golden Pheasant crests 
Butt: White fish hunter ostrich herl
Rib: Flat Lagartun medium gold tinsel with a small oval tinsel in silver by lagartun
Body: 1/3 White Lagartun floss 2/3 light pink Danvilles floss
Body hackle: Pink rooster saddle
Throat: Small heron dyed pink followed by natural mallard 
Underwing: Royal palm turkey
Main wing: 4 strands of natural lady amherst, 3 strands of argus pheasant, one strand of kori bustard, 7 strands of cinnamon turkey, one strand of kori bustard, 4 strands of argus, one strand of kori
Topping: One Golden pheasant crest


September 2020 - Spey Dog (Variant)

Body: Black Lagartun silk
Rib: Lagartun Silver medium flat tinsel, gold embossed medium tinsel 
Body hackle: Black schlappen by hairline
Throat hackle: Small heron died brown  followed by a teal feather wrapped twice
Wing: Golden pheasant centertail (14 strands) 
Roof: Bronze mallard slips, one on either side


September 2020 - Lady Caroline Variation

Rib: Silver and gold Lagartun medium flat tinsel
Body hackle: Blue eared pheasant tied in to the second gold rib. 
Throat hackle: Golden pheasant breast feather, 2 turns
Wing: 4 slips of bronze mallard


August 2020 

Tip: Flat silver tinsel

Tag: Lagartun yellow floss

Tail: GP Topping with an indian crow sub 
Butt: Red ostrich herl
Body: Black Uni floss
Rib: Flat gold Lagartun embossed tinsel with medium gold oval tinsel
Body hackle: Orange schlappen by hairline
Throat: 2.5 wraps of red blue eared pheasant topped off by 1.5 wraps of natural mallard flank
Underwing: 2 orange and 2 black hen saddles 
Main wing: 4 strands of argus pheasant, 2 strands of kori bustard, 8 strands of natural lady amherst center tail 2 strands of kori bustard followed by 5 strands of lady amherst tail. 
Cheek: Jc nails
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July 2020 Fly

Tag: Medium gold Tinsel 
Rib: Medium oval Tinsel with gold flat embossed tinsel by Lagartun
Body: Dark purple Lagartun floss
Body hackle: Chartreuse Schlappen
Throat: One wrap of orange Ringneck Pheasant Rump covered by a Mallard hackle with one side stripped
Wing: Bronze Mallard double layered
June 2020 Fly 
Tail: Golden Pheasant topping and tippet
Tip: Silver Lagartun small oval tinsel
Tag: Light pink Lagartun floss
Butt: Fuscia ostrich herl
Rib: Medium Lagartun silver tinsel and Lagartun embossed gold flat tinsel (oval tinsel on the top side of flat tinsel)
Body hackle: Purple Schlappen
Throat: Blue eared pheasant (Natural) Topped off by mallard flank
Underwing: Two pink saddle hackles
Wing: 2 Strands lady amherst (natural) 2 Stands of claret goose shoulder, 2 Strands lady amherst, 4 Strands of claret goose shoulder, 2 Strands lady amherst 3 strands of light pink goose shoulder, 2 strands lady amherst, 2 strands of light pinks goose, 2 strands lady amherst. (24 strands max for any married wing)
Head: Claret Veevus 10/0 thread