Fly Recipes

Here is a few recipes I have found from all over. I take no credit for the photo's or the recipes however.  Hope you find one you would like to tie.

Check here for some great videos and instructions on old and new classics.

Au Sable Flies

Fly Illusions

John Kent's "Rusty Nail" Chironomid video

John Kent's "Guns 'N' Roses" Chironomid Video, one of his best seller patterns

Davie McPhail's Fly Tying Tips





The Griffiths Gnat is a personal favorite of mine and the first trout I ever caught was with this fly.  Want to dress it up? Add a red Kreelex tail.Simple and effective.


The Red Tag; underused but deadly as hell. Don't over look this fly!

I skip the wool and use Kreelex.


Another B.C. favorite. I like a red or olive green floss wound around the body.