Seal's Fur

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Seal Dubbing has a great natural translucency and shine. Seal is the ultimate material for producing the translucent effect that makes so many patterns effective. The vibrant colours work well on steelhead and salmon patterns. Its natural ability to repel water makes it a good choice for dry flies and its ability to trap bubbles works great for submerged patterns.

Seal dubbing is made of seal hair and has a special characteristics very appreciated in tying world: is a little coarse, is translucent and is a dubbing with attitude. medium to dubbing will give to your flies a nice buggy look no mater if you tie nymphs, wet flies or lake flies.

It can be used as it is or in a mix with other synthetic or natural dubbing. We love to add a little bit of seal dubbing behind soft hackle when we make wet flies

Sold in 1 gram packs. From Shor.