Living Eyes
Living Eyes
Living Eyes
Living Eyes

Living Eyes

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Bring your flies to life with the most realistic 3D eyes on the market. All eyes are in the ICE or Wind colors.

Designed by Martin Bawden

Designed with photo-realistic holographic technology and high-resolution images of real baitfish eyes, this comprehensive range of fly tying eyes includes colors and sizes designed to fit everything from smaller trout patterns to huge predator-style flies.

Quantity per pack: 3 mm - 7 mm (20); 8.5 mm - 10 mm (16); 15 mm (12)

Living Eyes have an adhesive backing, but we recommend that you use a Super Glue, epoxy or Clear Cure Goo to stick them securely onto your fly.

  • An important trigger for predatory gamefish
    Enhance your streamers with this lifelike element.

    Perfect combinations
    Living Eyes are sized to directly correspond with Baitfish masks, Fish skulls and Sculpin Helmets.

    Part of the Flymen Big Game Fly Solution
    Combine with Articulated Shanks and #10 or #15 Fish Masks for ultimate big game flies.
  • Use with or without the masks.