Eze Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener
Eze Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener

Eze Lap Model M Diamond Sharpener

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The illustrated EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener is the Model M EZE-LAP round diamond knife sharpener with Fine 600 grit that features a 3 3/4" long by 1/4" diameter sharpening area. The EZE-LAP Fine 600 grit can handle 98 percent of sharpening needs, with sufficient abrasive ability to hone a dull knife, or put a fast razor sharp finish on an edge. The round shaft stores inside the brass handle, and a belt pouch is included with this EZE-LAP Knife Sharpener.

EZE-LAP has a patented heat treatment process that bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy, to a metal substrate. This process creates a surface that measures around 72 on the Rockwell hardness scale; and results in a Diamond sharpener that will work on high tech blade steels, as well as tool steel, and most ceramic, carbide, and hardened materials.

3-1/4″ x 1/4″ Diamond Round Shaft. Stores in Brass handle. Includes pouch with belt loop. 

Note: This is the only sharpener our family has used for years to put a quick edge on our knives. Highly recommended for knives, hooks and more.

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