John Ferguson's Flies

February Fly Of The Month: Captain Hamilton

Hook- Captain Hamilton size 14. 
Body- medium olive floss. 
Rib- Black sheer thread 14/0 & Olive quill. 
Thorax- apple olive seal fur. 
Hackle- Olive unmarked Partridge back. 
Thread- Sheer 14 /0 Black. 
Varnish- Cellire clear. 

The Red Arsed Crathie

Hook-Partridge Model P size 8.
Tags- Silver wire and Chinese Red Stretch. 
Tail- GP Crest doubled up. 
Body- Silver Flat tinsel and wire rib. 
Wing- low lying Black Bear. 
Hackle- Kingfisher blue heny cock. 
Cheeks- small very well marked jungle cock. 
Head finish--Red Uni 8/0. Cellire varnish. 

March Fly Of The Month: Soldier Palmer Muddler

Hook- AHREX wet size 10.
Tail- bronze mallard fibres. 
Body- Red seal fur dubbing
Palmer Hackle- Furnace cock saddle 
Rib- oval gold uni 
Head Hackle- Greenwell hen neck. 
Head- Natural roe deer 
Thread- uni 8/0 white. 
Head finish - veniards Cellire cement varnish