Jason Miller

I started tying at the age of 5-6 years old. My grandpa showed me how to attach thread and how to do a whip finish with my fingers and turned me loose. I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Almost 40 years old now so it’s been awhile. Still to this day always learning and improving. 


My dad always had me in the outdoors since I was born. I was fishing with him at only a couple days old. It turned out to be my life’s passion. Tying has allowed me to always stay connected to that passion, even when I can’t be fishing. But I’ve always attempted to put that passion into my work. He took me steelhead fishing quite a bit when I was younger and I finally got my 1st one when I was 14. Sparked a whole new fire in that passion and steelhead became my obsession. As I was growing up I always admired the work of the great tyers before me, and tried my best to achieve their beautiful specimens from books and magazines. There’s no way I could name all the great tyers that have inspired me, but I’m sure they’re the ones that have inspired most of use in this art. After seeing a few Spey and Dee style flies, they instantly intrigued me. Loved the flow that they achieve and are unique in their simplistic beauty. Even though I oftentimes make them very un-simplistic. 


My life has become a lot busy with a family and the whole being responsible bit. But my passion is and always will be steelhead. I tie a lot more than I fish these days, but every time I sit down to tie, I’m reconnected to my passion and obsession.