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These plastic tubes are formulated to work well in all water and weather conditions, and to stand up to any pattern.  Economical and performance rolled up in one great tube. The Large and Small Rigid Tubes also include a hook holder tube, all you have to do is add imagination!

Rigid Tubes are designed for high hoop strength so they are great for deer hair patterns and other patterns that use bulky materials that require heavy tying pressure. The tube material is good for all but the coldest water.

Available in Lg (1/8") and Small (3/32") diameters.

Small Rigid Tubes are also available with a thicker wall (TW), for greater strength and better performance in cold conditions. TW tubes are 3/32 inch OD x 5" long, 10 pk. Requires .031" Pin.

HMH Cut-T-Length Flexible Micro Tubing

Flies can be tied directly onto this tiny tubing, or it can be used to line any other tube that fits a 1/16" mandrel.  To use a s a liner, first tie your tube fly.  Then take a length of Micro Tubing and heat one end with a flame so that it swells to nearly twice the diameter.  Then insert the micro tubing from the rear end of the fly and out through the front.  Trim the Micro Tubing about 1/16' longer than the fly and flame the end so that it swells and won't come out.





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