Fair Flies, an ethical company

Don't you want to make a difference too ?

Here is what Fair Flies has to say:

We believe in Trade instead of Aid and we use fly tying materials as our primary product to provide livable wages to marginalized people in compromised areas around the world but focused in SE Asia.
Fair Flies is all about pairing your passion for fly fishing with our desire to make positive impacts with communities around the world. Our suppliers are committed to bettering the lives of the people they employ, be that with young people who need direction and purpose to stay out of crime, widows who need help providing for their children, victims of exploitation who need to be rehabilitated, or simply parents whose children are at risk of being sold into slavery. Obtaining regular orders from Fair Flies helps these suppliers retain employees and provide ongoing mentorship as they engage in the art of fly tying.
It is equal parts proactive and reactive. By paying living wages up front, we are able to help in many ways. Families can stabilize because fathers can remain in country and mothers can move the family financially forward. This removes the temptation to send their children elsewhere for the hope of a better life, which often turns into some form of exploitation. We are also able to help victims of exploitation. They find a better way to live in a loving environment that provides a wonderful network of counseling and emotional support. Many come with stress disorders and need these supports to start a new life.
This is our mission.
These are the ones we care about and who your purchase supports.